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Dynamics Workshop - Vehicle Dynamics

Dynamics & Testing Workshop: Vehicle Vibration

Passengers, chassis and loads all vibrate because of vehicle motion –especially if the vehicle is off-road. Engineers must measure, model and predict such vibration so that it may be properly managed. This workshop covered various aspects of testing and modelling from domestic cars to military vehicles. In the morning there were talks from leading industry experts and a tour of the guns, tanks and vehicles in the military collections. In the afternoon, following lunch, there was a workshop challenge.



Vehicle Dynamics - How to Characterize Customer Use and Abuse Over the Life of a Vehicle and Represent this using an Optimized Proving Ground Schedule
Andrew Halfpenny, NCODE


Structural Non-Linearity in Vehicle Dynamics Simulation using Multibody Systems within FEA
Stephane Grosgeorge, Samtech


Durability Design Development at Jaguar Land Rover
Andrew Blows, Jaguar Land Rover

Heavy Vehicle Testing and Model Validation
Daniel Brown, AWE


Vehicle Ride
Dave Purdy, Cranfield University

Workshop Challenge: Four-Poster Vibration Rig

Participants were invited to join an interactive exercise with the objective of getting a vehicle across rough ground as quickly as possible. The Four-Poster test rig exposes a full size vehicle to off-road conditions by using hydraulic rams to input ground vibration. Did the delegates strategy for moving across rough ground damage the passengers, the vehicle or the delicate load? This exciting challenge was tackled by participants in small teams with guidance from experienced engineers.