The Essentials of Fluid Mechanics for CFD

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Essentials of Fluid Mechanics for CFD

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Fluid mechanics is the study of fluids (gases and liquids) either in motion or at rest and it is divided into two main disciplines: fluid statics (fluids at rest) and fluid dynamics (fluid in motion). There are three major but complimentary branches making up the field of fluid dynamics: theoretical (analytical), experimental, and computational fluid dynamics.

In recent years, due to advances in digital computing hardware and software, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become an invaluable tool for design and analysis of complicated engineering systems involving fluid motion. These fluid motions are often and further complicated due to the presence of turbulence, heat and mass transfer, phase change, movement of boundaries, etc. CFD is highly interdisciplinary and is the fusion of three major and distinct disciplines of engineering (fluid dynamics), applied mathematics, and computer science. The increase in development of commercial CFD software has significantly reduced the need for typical end-users to possess a deep knowledge of mathematics and computer science while making CFD more accessible to new users. Furthermore, as in the past, CFD will continue to be considered for problems that are far more challenging and complex than past applications and its use will grow in industrial arenas not traditionally known for their fluid problems.

This webinar will focus on the new Essentials of Fluid Mechanics for CFD e-learning training course being launched by NAFEMS and will give a preview of the goals and objectives of this course.

  • Fluid dynamics as a discipline: Definition & Challenges
  • Complementary approaches to fluid dynamics
  • Classifications of fluid flow
  • Governing Theory
  • Fluid properties
  • Important fluid dynamics concepts and phenomena
  • Understanding Turbulence
  • Turbulent stresses
  • Turbulence Simulation & Modeling
  • Flows with heat transfer


Welcome & Introduction
David Quinn, NAFEMS

Essentials of Fluid Mechanics for CFD
Kamran Fouladi, InfoMec

Q & A Session


Webinar Presenter

Kamran FouladiKamran Fouladi, Ph.D., PE. is currently the president of InfoMec, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consulting and training firm. Kamran has over twenty years of experience in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

He is a researcher and practitioner of CFD and he has been teaching CFD and other fluid mechanic courses at Villanova University since 2001 both at undergraduate and graduate level. Kamran is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Pennsylvania

Kamran’s career began in aerospace arena working at NASA Langley and United Technologies’ Pratt and Whitney (P&W) prior to establishing InfoMec CFD Consulting in year 2000.  With InfoMec, Kamran has provided engineering and CFD support to projects of national importance (NASA Crew Exploration Vehicle, NASA Orion’s Launch Abort Vehicle, NASA Orbital Space plane, and NASA supersonic transport and business jet aircraft) using in-house, public domain, and commercial CFD software.

He is currently focused on using CFD in the area of thermal management of complex and mission critical facilities.