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The CAE Guy - Building CAE Capability: CFD Experts vs Designers Tools

Building CAE Capability: CAE Experts vs Designers + Tools

Webinar - The CAE Guy


Now that CAE has gained wide acceptance in many industries (beyond aerospace and automotive, for example) and is used to answer many complex problems, how to implement it is the next frontier - especially as companies of all sizes are building their own CAE capability.

Should you continue - or even start - using CAE experts to solve all the FEA or CFD (or FSI) models, or can some of the more routine problems be assigned to CAD designers using the right tools? This balance gets to the crux of cost-effectively simulating real-life flow problems. This is a step beyond the numerical vs experimental debate and into how should you best use CAE resources for maximum benefit?

This webinar will focus on the trade-offs between using CAE Experts and implementing a Designers + Tools concept for solving and analyzing CAE models.

  • Brief overview of CAE and use in industry
  • Problem Type: Hard or Easy / Large or Small?
  • Expert-level CFD solutions
  • Routine CFD Solutions
  • Who Controls the Models?
  • Reporting CAE Results
  • Summary


The CAE Guy is a CFD analyst at an automotive company in the United States and has over 10 years of CFD experience and received a BS and MS in aeronautical engineering in 1989 and 1993, respectively, from a prominent US midwestern university. Prior to working in the automotive industry, The CAE Guy worked for an R&D company in the defence industry conducting research on DoD projects. He has been writing a regular column in Benchmark since January 2008.