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Case Histories of Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

Case Histories of Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering


Numerical analysis using finite element and finite difference methods has transformed from a niche to a mainstream design tool within geotechnics in the last decade. This is due to the development of sophisticated yet accessible 2D and 3D programs that model the ground and adjacent structures, together with increased training in the use of this technology.

Many lessons are learned through hindsight.Looking at case histories is not only a great way to understand post design behaviour of the structures installed; there are also significant benefits in learning from what others have done, through both their positive and negative experiences.

This seminar highlighted successes, near misses and failures in geotechnical engineering when involving the use of numerical analysis.

Two eminent geotechnical engineering professionals who have helped pioneer the development and application of these programs gave keynote lectures during the morning and afternoon sessions. There were also presentations made by a number of leading geotechnical engineering companies on their experiences using numerical analysis.



Keynote Lecture 1 - Use of FEM in Design of Deep Excavations – Successes and Failures
Brian Simpson, Arup

High Rise using Pile Assisted Raft, including Pile Tests, Specialist SI and Back Analysis Based on Monitored Data
Peter Scott & Jonathan Dewsbury, Buro Happold


Calibrated Numerical Model for Assessment of Safe TBM Operating Pressures
Yu Sheng Hsu, Mott MacDonald


Keynote Lecture 2 - Mind the Gap - the Integration of Numerical Modelling into Engineering Design
Tony O’Brien, Mott MacDonald


A Practical Application of FEA to Derive Soil Displacements and Investigate the Effects on Piles from Jack-up Installation
Nigel Kee and Lindsey Cubbon (Fugro)


Basal Instability Adopting Conventional and FE (Utilising Different Material Models)
Alex Nikolic and Angelo Fasano (Buro Happold)

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