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Using Variability in Simulation: A Practical Workshop

Natural variability and randomness affect every real-world process, but how should their effects be included in simulations? Following on from the December 2011 NAFEMS seminar on “Why Simulation Needs To Consider Variability”, this workshop provided practical demonstrations of a range of available software tools; and methods for including variability in existing FEA and CFD models.

The workshop included an introductory lecture by a leading expert in the area; a “vendor challenge”, where software vendors showed how to apply their product to a problem defined by NAFEMS experts; a demonstration using Excel for a simple problem that attendees recreated on their own laptops; and material from a highly-regarded course was presented. NPL staff also hosted tours of their material property measurement laboratories and answered questions about measurement methods and uncertainties.



Simulation in the Presence of Variability Past, Present and Future Trends
Jacek Marczyk, Ontonix


Introduction to the Vendor Challenge Problem
Louise Wright, National Physical Laboratory


Vendor Challenge: Vendor Response from Simulia


Vendor Challenge: Vendor Response from EnginSoft


Vendor Challenge: Vendor Response from ACEL


Vendor Challenge: Vendor Response from Altair

nafems_uncertainty_exercise.pdf uncertainty_evaluation_using_excel.pdf nafems_uncertainty_exercise.xls nafems_uncertainty_exercise__solution_.xls

Walk-Through Example of Uncertainty Evaluation using Excel
Dietmar Vogt, EADS Innovation Works


Stochastic Simulation for Beginners
Gene Allen, Decision Incite



Event Type: Workshop
Location: Teddington UK
Date: October 2, 2012


The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) occupies a unique position as the UK's National Measurement Institute and sits at the intersection between scientific discovery and real world application. Its expertise and original research have underpinned quality of life, innovation and competitiveness for UK citizens and business for more than a century:

  • NPL provides companies with access to world-leading support and technical expertise, inspiring the absolute confidence required to realise competitive advantage from new materials, techniques and technologies;
  • NPL expertise and services are crucial in a wide range of social applications - helping to save lives, protect the environment and enable citizens to feel safe and secure. Support in areas such as the development of advanced medical treatments and environmental monitoring helps secure a better quality of life for all;
  • NPL develops and maintains the nation’s primary measurement standards, supporting an infrastructure of traceable measurement throughout the UK and the world, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

NPL has extensive experience in measurement uncertainty evaluation across all areas of physics, and uses FE simulation for equipment design and to support interpretation of measurement data in a wide variety of fields.