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Design Space Exploration

Design Space Exploration:Opportunities, Challenges and Best Practices for Engineering and Discrete Manufacturing Organizations

You can view the recording of this webinar here


The most successful engineering projects begin with discovery – conceiving a rich array of ideas to solve a problem or address a need. But the power of such discovery is too often sacrificed to schedule pressures and resource constraints. Add to these the tool-set barriers and hamstrung work processes that make it a struggle for discipline experts to look beyond their own silos and work more collaboratively as a team – to achieve the critical but elusive goal of gaining a system-level understanding of the project and their role in it, then acting on it. 

The result is familiar: engineering teams find themselves forced to settle on a design concept without high confidence that it’s the best, most cost-effective or most robust choice.

An emerging solution to this quandary is design space exploration (DSE), both a category of methods and a new generation of software tools that are beginning to radically advance the capabilities of engineers and multidisciplinary engineering teams to discover an array of possible design concepts early; rapidly and fluently evaluate trade-offs, variants and sensitivities; then select the best and move to implement them. 

While many of the methods that underpin DSE have been long known – and sometimes applied, in cases where the attendant costs in time, expertise and labor could be justified – what’s changing now is the way fresh software technologies are at last converting these powerful but formerly difficult-to-use methods into practical everyday engineering aids.

This webinar will:

  • Examine the compelling business drivers for DSE’s adoption in defense, automotive, aircraft, space systems and other industries
  • Look at what business and engineering successes the technology has helped leading adopters achieve to date
  • Survey the powerful engineering methods behind those successes, which these new technologies are finally making it practical and cost-effective to apply
  • Identify key solution providers
  • Present a market model to help decision-makers discern and select among the choices available in today’s commercial solution/provider ecosystem


  • Welcome & Introduction
    David Quinn, NAFEMS
  • Design Space Exploration: Opportunities, Challenges and Best Practices for Engineering and Discrete Manufacturing Organizations
    Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research LLC
  • Questions & Answers

Webinar Presenter

Bruce Jenkins

Bruce Jenkins is the founder of Ora Research. Before founding Ora Research, Jenkins was president of research and co-founder of 3D imaging and existing-conditions-capture industry research firm Spar Point Research (now Spar Point Group, Diversified Communications), 2003-2008. Previously he was executive vice president in charge of research and publishing operations at CAD/CAM/CAE, AECO and GIS consultancy Daratech, 1982-2003, where in 2001 he originated the identification and definition of PIDO (process integration and design optimization) as a distinct and significant category of engineering technology, and coined the terminology.