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Engineering Simulation in the Design and Manufacture of Plastic Parts

Engineering Simulation in the Design and Manufacture of Plastic Parts


The popularity of using non-metallic materials such as engineering plastics in engineering applications is increasing. This presents many new challengers for simulation, particularly related to material characterisation.

The seminar focussed on how simulation can be used throughout the complete design process, including predicting the material properties, simulating the manufacturing process and assessing the structural integrity.

The event provided an opportunity for delegates to learn how the many modelling issues related to this topic have been addressed. It also provided a rare opportunity to network with peers who are faced with similar challenges.


The Key Issues in Solid Polymer Deformation – Addressing them for Process Modelling using FE
John Sweeney, University of Bradford

Using Virtual Material Modelling to Define Material Characterisation
James Farrar, Wilde Analysis Ltd.

Using CAE to Optimize Glass Reinforced Polymer Products
Jonathan Barclay, Ticona UK Ltd

Virtual Prototyping to Reduce Weight of Blow Molded Plastic Container
Norman Robertson, ANSYS Ltd.

Using Simulation to Understand the Influences that Affect Plastic Part Manufacture and End Performance
Eric Henry, Autodesk Inc.

The Simulation of Plastic Parts
Mahantesh Khot, Jaguar Land Rover

Development of a Database of Polymer Material Properties
Neil Baumann, Key to Metals