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Simulation Data Management: from Concept to Reality - Industry Experience Exchange Forum

Simulation Data Management: from Concept to Reality  - Industry Experience Exchange Forum

Following on from the well-attended SPDM Conference as a part of our World Congress 2013, this event continued a series of SDM dedicated events from NAFEMS.

The event focused on "Realworld" SDM experiences deployment, including success cases, failure cases, lessons learned, etc providing an exchange forum for industry.

SDM Technology

Many companies now have an urgent need to get their simulation data under control and improve their simulation processes and productivity.

Simulation Data is most meaningful when it is managed in the context of the processes used to create it. SDM is a structured information systems technology which provides the management of data objects, metadata and inter-relationships at all levels of granularity and abstraction, including design and analysis parameters, requirements, and results. SDM solutions may be integrated with other systems and databases that manage engineering and product data. SDM systems are available for managing and executing a wide range of modeling and simulation data and processes, across the breadth of engineering disciplines, supporting a heterogeneous analysis environment. Integration of design, test, and manufacturing data with modeling, simulation and analysis is widely supported.

Bringing together industrial users, technology experts, academics and software vendors alike, this dedicated event allowed industry to share their SDM experiences.


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