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V&V: A Key Enabler for Virtual Product Development


Simulation Verification and Validation (V&V): A Key Enabler for Virtual Product Development


3 – 4 November 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

Engineering simulation plays an increasing role in industry’s search for competitiveness and technology based innovation at every stage of the design, qualification and certification of products. Key decisions and product qualification/certification increasingly rely on virtual tests and digital simulation, creating a major paradigm shift in which the objective of physical tests is progressively moving to a reference for analysis validation. This situation creates new responsibility for the engineer to guarantee the required confidence level.

This new approach requires secured processes for the verification and validation of models and analyses bringing evidence of their predictive capability. In particular, programme managers now require formal evidence on “simulation fit for purpose” on which they can build confidence and take decisions. In addition, the increasing situation for extended enterprise creates new constraints to guarantee safe and robust analysis processes.

At the same time, and due to the economic pressure, verification and validation activities are frequently seen as an additional cost that can easily be reduced or even fully cut, thus underestimating the induced risks. In addition, verification and validation is not easy to implement because of the diversity of involved persons: managers, simulation experts, test specialists, software developers and quality controllers, software vendors.

This conference will give a unique opportunity to interact between engineers and scientists from different industry sectors, research institutions and solution providers form different simulation domains to discuss and exchange best practices in verification and validation.


Monday, 3 November 2014

Welcome and NAFEMS Introduction
G. Horrigmoe (Sweco); T. Morris (NAFEMS)

A General Purpose Framework for Verification, Validation and Model Updating of Finite Element Models for Structural Analysis
E. Dascotte (Dynamic Design Solutions (DDS) NV)

On the Characterization of ESTL Spiral Orbit Tribometer by Means of Multibody Simulation Tools
D. Bruno (Politecnico di Torino); M. Toso (European Space Agency (ATG-Europe), ESTEC); E. Troncone (Siemens-LMS Aerospace), M. Buttery (ESR Technology / ESTL)

Validation of a Method to Predict Turbine Rotor Synchronous Responses by Stator Cascade Wake Passage Forcing
P. Ekedahl (GKN Aerospace Sweden AB)

Validation of Optimized Truck Seat Plate Made of Thermoplastic GF/PP Composite
K. Kalnins, E. Labans, E. Skuķis, G. Japins  (Riga Technical University);
P. Lefort (Volvo Group Trucks Technology)

Finite Element Method in Car Compatibility Phenomena
M. Lisiecki (Warsaw University of Technology)

Challenges for Input Parameter Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - Application to External Safety
P. Shoeibi-Omrani, A. Twerda (TNO Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Keynote Presentation:
Virtual Testing and Certification: A Key Challenge for Simulation V&V
J.-F. Imbert (SIMconcept Consulting)

Predictive Design Analysis Process Model
M. Eriksson (Lund University)

Verification of Drop Test Simulations using a Pendulum Setup
G. Siau (Philips Innovation Services)

From Accurate to Robust Simulation; The Benefits of V&V
P. Pasquet (Consultant)

Strain Gauge Design for Compliant Materials
L. Mikkelsen, J. Gili (Technical University of Denmark)

FEM Model of Embedded Fibre Bragg Grating Sensor Response: Crack Growing Detection
G. Pereira, L. Mikkelsen, M. McGugan (Technical University of Denmark)

Discussion Session:
Simulation V&V: Industrial Implementation and Future Challenges
J.-F. Imbert (SIMconcept Consulting); P. Pasquet (Consultant)

Wrap-up and Farewell
G. Horrigmoe (Sweco)