Design Of Advanced Gas Turbines Using Stochastic Methods And  Robust Design Principles

The aero engine business is a highly competitive market and the related gas turbines are at the leading edge of technology development. In recent years, the application of uncertainty quantification & management processes as well as simulation-driven design during the development of aero engines is more widely used. Applying such techniques shortens the development time for aero engines and reduces development costs. This, in turn, helps aero engine companies remain competitive. It is increasingly important to look at the performance of the components, sub-system and systems during the design definition stage, as well as to account for variability that may occur during the manufacturing process and use of the products. This has to be done early in the development process to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the components, sub-systems and systems of the engine over the complete lifetime and in all operating conditions.

The presentation will discuss the application of automated design and simulation processes, robust design techniques, probabilistic and stochastic methods for real world design tasks in the area of advanced gas turbines. The focus of the presentation will be on the application of uncertainty quantification and management methods throughout the whole development cycle.  Key emphasis will be placed on the integration of the uncertainty quantification methods and probabilistic techniques with standard simulation methods used during the design process. Selected advanced methods in this area will be described in more detail and the application of the methods will be illustrated with several different applications to real world gas turbine development tasks. These examples will demonstrate how these methods, tools and processes can be employed to deliver business value for various areas.

About the Speaker

Dr. Alexander Karl, Rolls-Royce

Associate Fellow – Robust Design and Systems Engineering

Design Of Advanced Gas Turbines Using Stochastic Methods And Robust Design Principles

Alexander holds a PhD and MSc in Aerospace technology from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. He has 15+ years of work experience with Rolls-Royce. During this period, Alexander was working in several major sites and sectors (Dahlewitz, Derby and Indianapolis). Alexander’s background is thermo-mechanical analysis but for the last 12+ years Alexander is working actively in the area of multi-disciplinary optimization, Robust Design (Design for Six Sigma) and Systems Engineering. He is also an active member of NAFEMS and ERCOFTAC, promoting a wider application of these methods, processes and tools.

Current position / Tasks

His main focus is the application of tools, methods and processes to real engineering challenges. His current focus within Rolls-Royce is the global pervasive implementation of Robust Design and Systems Engineering within the company.