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Democratizing CAE

Democratizing CAE

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What if in order to drive a car you were required to be an expert in the dynamics, principles, and physics involved in exactly how a collection of parts interact to propel you down the road? The overwhelming majority of us would be walking. While this may appear to be an exaggerated example, one could argue that the product simulation world has operated in this way for nearly fifty years.

Today, the ability to apply advanced simulation tools, techniques, expertise, and experience is as much an art as it is a science. Consequently, there remains a relatively small collective of CAE experts - many themselves early pioneers or direct disciples of them. These are the custodians of a high level of expertise and experience relied upon to perform key analysis and to extract useful data out of tools that are inherently difficult to use and highly manual.

What if there was a way to capture and reuse this expertise? What if a way existed to embed such tangible knowledge and intangible judgement into a reusable template, extending this simulation capability throughout the product development team?

This webinar aims to introduce the topic of Democratizing CAE, which will be followed by three related webinars. The topics presented in this series were inspired by a session (7K) held at the 2015 NAFEMS World Congress, and the speakers from that session have been invited to recreate the acclaimed coordinated presentation and discussion.


Welcome & Introduction
  • Mr. Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS
Democratizing CAE

Panel based on 2015 NAFEMS World Congress Session 7K:

  • Mr. Glenn Valine, GKN Driveline
  • Mr. Malcolm Panthaki, Comet Solutions
  • Dr. Mike Tiller, Xogeny
  • Dr. Juan Betts, Front End Analytics
Q & A Session