European Conference: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – Beyond the Solve

European Conference:

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – Beyond the Solve

The complete CFD activity chain across all industries from geometry to final conclusions – best practice methods and tools, automation, optimisation, verification and validation.

European Conference:  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  Workflow Management2 - 3 December 2015, Munich, Germany

Updated Agenda


pdf-files of presented powerpoint will be avalable to download for conference participants on 13 January.

Plenary presentations day one and two:

15 Years SPDM@BMW
J. Reicheneder (BMW Group)

S. Jahnke (BMW Group)
- not available -

Strategies to Increase CAE Quality through Simulation Data Management
S. Billig, J. Morawski, T. Pohl (Adam Opel);
Z. Petrovic, A. Schalon (Siemens PLM Software)

Simulation Data Management and Process Chain at Audi
A. J. Beck, K. Gruber (Audi)
- not available -

MoSSEC: A Proposed Standard for Sharing Modelling and Simulation Information in a Collaborative Systems Engineering Context
A. Murton (Airbus UK)

Virtual Process Chain Production: SIMAN – Simulation Data Management@CONNECT
J.-H. Theilen (Volkswagen)

Session 1

Integration of the CFD Simulation in the Development Process of Competition Motorcycles
G. Lindbichler, M. Perterer (KTM Technologies)

Thermal Analysis of Heavy Duty Engine Exhaust Manifold using CFD
S. Eroglu, I. Duman (Ford Otosan)

The Mahle Behr CFD Wizards: HVAC Wizard and HEEX Wizard
R. Stauch, G. Apostolopoulos, M. Weinmann, J. Schlottke, W. Kühnel (Mahle Behr)

Frontloading CFD in the Automotive Product Development Process
M. Sabeur (Mentor Graphics)

Session 2

The Influence of Mesh Characteristics on OpenFoam Simulations of the DrivAer Model
G. Fotiadis, V. Skaperdas, A. Iordanidis (BETA CAE Systems)

One click - Multiparts to 3D Mesh
B. Kornberger, M. Schifko (ESS Engineering Software Steyr)

Improving Thrust Reverser Performance through Design Exploration with Optimate+
A. Engeländer, A. Godfrey, D. Rittenberg (CD-Adapco)

Interpretation of Verification and Validation for Computational Fluid Dynamics
NAFEMS AMWG, presented by S. Duvall (International Nuclear Services UK)

Session 3

The FlowSimulator— A Software Framework for CFD-related Multidisciplinary Simulations
L. Reimer (DLR - German Aerospace Center)

Comparison of the ASMO Car Model with Experimental Data and Simulations
M. Gruetzmacher, B. Marovic (Mentor Graphics)

Aero-Vibro-Acoustics for Wind Noise Applications
M. Oswald (Ansys Germany); S. Sovani (Ansys)

Simulation-ready CAD for Fast Turn-around Time in CFD and Optimization
M. Brenner, S. Harries, J. Palluch (Friendship Systems)

Session 4

Optimization Process for an Automotive Flap using an Automated FSI Workflow
M. Ratzel, W. Dias, B. Schnepf (Altair Engineering)

Numeca‘s Integrated CFD-Aero-Vibro-Acoustic Solutions for Intake-Duct-Exhaust Systems and Mufflers
P. Ferrante (Numeca International); F. Frey, M. Cellarius (Numeca Ingenieurbüro)

Optimized Ship Design Using Heeds & STAR-CCM+
D. Tatum, D. Preston (Downey Engineering); N. Chase (Red Cedar Technology); T. Yen, A. Engeländer (CD-Adapco)

Workflow for an Efficient Usage of Open-Source Solver Technology for CFD and FEA
U. Heck, M. Becker (DHCAE Tools)

Session 5

Automation for Efficient Application of OpenFOAM to Industrial Problems
H. Kröger (Univ. of Rostock)

Accelerating CFD Workflow Using GPU‘s
M. Stanic, S. Adami (FluiDyna)

Femzip-CFD: Taming of the Data Pile
S. P. Müller, P. Sunil Banerjee (Sidact)


Nowadays Computational Fluid Dynamics methods are a well-established and accepted development tool used in a wide range of industries. Since CFD achieved this level of acceptance, the expectations towards CFD regarding turn-around time, ease-of-use, process robustness, automation and standardization have changed rapidly. In response, recently there has been a strong focus on CFD Workflow Management.

The European NAFEMS CFD Conference will offer a unique forum where experts from different industries, academia, software vendors will will share their knowledge regarding CFD Workflow Management concepts and solutions covering the following topics:

Reduce the turn-around time and ease-of-use of CFD process via:

  • CFD workflow process automation: Preprocessing – Simulation – Postprocessing - CFD process standardization 

Improve the robustness of CFD analysis via:

  • Integration with Product Data Management (PDM) systems 
  • Integration with Simulation Data Management (SDM) systems 
  • Advanced material data management concepts 

Improved usability of CFD processes via:

  • Integration in optimization workflows 
  • Integration in multi-disciplinary simulation processes 

Verification and correlation in the design process

If you are interested in talking to the CFD community about the CFD workflow management and the management of new challenging CFD applications in your organization and sharing your thoughts about future trends you are invited to attend the 1st European NAFEMS CFD conference.

The ‘CFD – Beyond the Solve‘ event is being run in parallel with the ‘NAFEMS Simulation Process and Data Management’ European Conference. Delegates will be free to attend sessions of their choice in both events in order to exploit the synergies between these two technical areas. We are looking forward to meeting you in Munich. NAFEMS DACH CFD Advisory Board (CAB) / NAFEMS CFD Working Group

NAFEMS DACH CFD Advisory Board (CAB) / NAFEMS CFD Working Group

Important information

This conference will be co-located (two common plenary sessions) with the NAFEMS European SPDM Conference. CFD conference delegates have equal access to the SPDM conference and visa verse.

Conference venue

Dolce Munich Unterschleißheim
Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1
85716 München/Unterschleißheim, Germany

Hotel accommodation
Conference participants will get a reduced rate inf the Dolce Munich Unterschleißheim when booking before 23 Oct. 2015. Please use booking link below or phone.
Online Booking Link
Reservations Local Phone: +49 89 370 530 851 (Keyword "NAFEMS)

Exhibition and sponsoring
The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of software and hardware vendors, solution providers, and consultants. There are several exhibition and sponsoring opportunities available. Please request further information.

The conference will be organized in collaboration of following NAFEMS working groups
- DACH CFD Advisory Board
- NAFEMS CFD Working Group
... and other NAFEMS Working Groups 

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Registration fees
NAFEMS members: Free
NAFEMS members can use seminar credits towards free attendance at this event. This event will charge four ­ seminar credits per delegate.

  • Member without seminar credits: 490 Euro 
  • Non NAFEMS members: 695 Euro 
The registration fee includes conference attendance, proceedings, lunches, break refreshments and get together. Hotel accommodation is not included.
All plus VAT if applicable.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation before event:

  • Up to 3 weeks: free of charge;
  • Up to 1 week: 75% non-refundable, all seminar credits non-refundable;
No show at the event:
  • 100% non-refundable.

Contact and further information
NAFEMS Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz GmbH
Osterham 23, D-83233 Bernau, Germany
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