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European Conference: Multiphysics Simulation


European Conference:

Multiphysics Simulation 2016

15 - 16 November 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

The need for more realistic numerical simulations in research and development continues to grow. Soft­ware vendors are responding to this demand by facilitating the coupling of various solvers, making multiphysics easier to set up and use. The main challenge of understanding the different physical effects and to produce reliable simulation results still remains.

NAFEMS is pleased to pre-announce the third European Conference devoted to multiphysics simulations in autumn 2016. The conference will provide an overview of state-of-the-art-methods for coupled and multiphysics simulations, mainly within the context of industrial applications and CAE.

The conference brings together researchers, developers, teachers, and users of multiphysics simulation methods to present new results, exchange ideas and discuss the challenges. It is an excellent opportunity to connect to other practitioners in the field of multiphysics and coupled simulations.

Plenary speakers

  • Virtual Package Development utilizing Multiphysics
    E. Andreasson (Tetra Pak, SWE)

  • Challenges in Combustion Chamber Design for Large 2 Stroke Diesels
    H. Andersson (MAN Diesel & Turbo, DEN)

  • Topology Optimization in Multiphysics Applications
    Prof. O. Sigmund (Technical University of Denmark, DEN)

  • From Maxwell to Fourier and Newton:
    Thermal Managementin Power Engineering
    R. Bel Fdhila (ABB Corporate Research, SWE)

  • Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Acoustics Interaction
    Prof. M. Schäfer (Technical University Darmstadt, GER)

The conference will be organized by NAFEMS in collaboration with


We are looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Your NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group

Presentation slides

A1 – Plenary Session

Welcome and NAFEMS Introduction Conference Committee and NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group
H. Nordborg (HSR University of Applied Sciences, SUI / Chairman NAFEMS MPWG); T. Morris (NAFEMS)

Topology Optimization in Multiphysics Applications
O. Sigmund (Technical University of Denmark, DEN)

Virtual Package Development Utilizing Multiphysics
E. Andreasson (Tetra Pak, SWE)

A2 – Fluid Structure Interaction I

Large Deformation of Thin Rubber Sleeves in Flow Control Valves Using Strongly Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction
A. Avci, M-A. Hodapp, M. Hasert (Festo, GER)

Medical Predictive Models of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patient Specific by Computational Modelling and Simulation Methods as Potential Support Research, Clinical Decision and Education in Healthcare
C. Maggiar (Enabling Digital Dentistry, ITA)


Towards a better Subsea Jumper Design
J. Iseler, G. Dimitrova, S. Ribeiro-Ayeh (Dassault Systemes, GER); P. Sobczak (Dassault Systemes, GBR); K. D’Souza (Dassault Systèmes, USA)


Quasi-Newton Methods for Unstable Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. Koch (University of Bonn, GER)


 A3 – Medical

Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Beating Human Whole Heart Model
A. Aksenov, V. Pokhilko, A. Yushenko (Tesis (Capvidia), RUS); B. Butz, P. Sridhar, K.D‘Souza (Dassault Systemes Simulia, USA); W. Zietak, S. Soğanci (Capvidia, BEL)


Implementation of a Multiscale Multiphysics Framework to Model Whole Heart Electro-physiological and Mechanical Behavior
J. Yao, K. D‘Souza, B. Baillargeon (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA); B. Onal, T. Hund (Ohio State University, USA)


Electro-Mechanical Modeling of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Deployment in the Simulia Living Heart Human Model
G. Marom, R. P. Ghosh, M. Bianchi, D. Bluestein (Stony Brook University, USA); K. D‘Souza, B. Baillargeon, P. Sridhar (Dassault Systemes Simulia, USA)


Challenges in Radio Frequency Tissue Ablation Simulations
N. Elabbasi, E. Schmitt, M. Hancock (Veryst Engineering, USA)


A4 – Multiphysics Tools & HPC

Solving Large Fluid Structure Interaction Problems using Coupled Open Source Software
S. Hewitt, L. Margetts, A. Revell (University of Manchester, GBR); N. Ince, M. Willets (General Electric, USA)

Aspects of Plasma Simulations
S. Hartridge, P. Hilscher, S. Holst (Siemens, GBR)


Simulation of Cavitating Flows of Technical Liquids in Engineering Structures using Equilibrium Approach
A. Ivanov, A. Muslaev, A. Pavlov, T. Pavlova, V. Streltsov (Mentor Graphics, RUS); V. Volkov (Moscow Aviation Institute, RUS)


A5 – Plenary Session

From Maxwell to Fourier and Newton: Thermal Management in Power Engineering
R. Bel Fdhila (ABB Corporate Research, SWE)


Challenges in Combustion Chamber Design for Large 2 Stroke Diesels
H. Andersson (MAN Diesel & Turbo, DEN)


Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Acoustics Interaction
M. Schäfer (Technical University Darmstadt, GER)


A6 – Multiphysics Methods

Particle-Based Methods and What We Can Do With Them
B. Avci, P. Wriggers (University of Hannover, GER)


Numerical Modelling of Pellet Combustion in a Domestic Oven by the Extended Discrete Element Method (XDEM)
B. Peters, M. Mohseni(University of Luxembourg, LUX)


Integrative Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Plastics Simulation Base Material Calibration of Design Elements Manufactured from Fiber Reinforced Plastics
M. Werner (Robert Bosch, GER); D. Papathanassiou, P. Luo (Robert Bosch, CHN)


Numerical Simulation on the Effect of SLD Icing in Turbomachinery
M. Shimura, H. Mamori, N. Fukushima, M. Yamamoto (University of Tokyo, JAP)

A7 – New Topics & Methods I

Bringing Systems Simulation and 3D Simulations together using FMI and MpCCi
J. Kleinert, K. Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER); R. Meyer, C. Clauß (Fraunhofer IIS, GER); K. Hofmann, U. Grätz (ESI ITI, GER)


The Large Impact of Small Things:Infinite Life Design of Plastic Components
L. Vallance (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, AUT); A. Winkler (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, SWE)


On the Investigation of Cooling Rate Influenced by Neighboring Objects in Cluster Quenching Using New Approach in Meshing Technology and Multiphase Flow Solver
D. Greif, R. Kopun (AVL); J. Jan, E. Prabhu (Ford Motor Company, USA)

B2 – Electromagnetics I

Coupled Simulations of Electric Arcs for Switching Devices
P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)


High-Intensity Discharge Lamps – A Multiphysics Challenge
B. Baumann, J. Schwieger, U. Stein, M. Wolff (HAW Hamburg, GER)


Simulation-Based Development of Lightning Protection Devices
M. Mürmann, H. Nordborg, R. Fuchs (HSR University of Applied Sciences, SUI)


B3 – Electromagnetics II

Structural and Electromagnetic Considerations ofRealizing a High Speed Data Link in a Smart Watch
K. Krohne, T. Wittig, M. Rütschlin (Computer Simulation Technology, GER); K. Gundu, M. Chinnakonda, H. Surendranath (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)

Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of a Combined HVDC Transformer-Rectifier Unit
T. Papadopoulos, C. Heinrich, S. Boschert (Siemens, GER)


A Procedure for Electromagnetic-Structural Simulation of Shock Circuit Driven Buckling Instability on Foil-Sheet VPI Transformer Windings
L. De Mercato, A. Cremasco (ABB Trasfor, SUI); G. Franzoso (Cadfem, SUI)


Simulation of Flow and Electro-Magnetic Induced Vibrations
N. Wirth (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)


B4 – Multiphysics Tools & Algorithms

Applications of MpCCI-Based Fluid/Structure Interactions Coupling to a Vibrational and a Rotational Blades
Y. Yang, W. Liou (Western Michigan University, USA); P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)


Smart Multiphysics: How to Improve Simulation Processes to Drive Designs?
H. Ekman (Altair, SWE)

Accelerating Multiphysics Simulation and Validation
K. Kueres (Dassault Systèmes, GBR); E. Brun (Dassault Systèmes, FRA); G. Judex (Dassault Systèmes, AUT); S. Prasad, B. Nandi, S. Tadepalli, K.C. Jen (Dassault Systèmes, USA)


B6 – Fluid Structure Interaction II

Hydromount Performance Characterization using Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation Methods
H. Zhang, I. Yavuz, P. Ding, M. Hebbes (Ansys, USA)


Numerical Investigation of Nano-particle Deposition Phenomenon on Flat Plate in Rectangle Duct Flow
H. Miyake, M. Yamamoto, N. Fukushima, H. Mamori (Tokyo University of Science, JAP); J. Hara, M. Iwasaki, N. Matsudaira (Calsonic Kansei, JAP)

An Integrated Simplified Approach to External Gear Pump Noise Field Prediction
G. Miccoli, E. Carletti, F. Pedrielli(Imamoter, ITA)


Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Racing Car Spoilers
B. Landvogt (Scapos, GER)


B7 – New Topics & Methods II

Numerical Simulation on Decontamination Process of Droplet of Harmful Chemical Agent
T. Konno, M. Yamamoto, N. Fukushima, H. Mamori (Tokyo University of Science, JAP); H. Hiroki, M. Kawai, K. Sakamoto (IHI Corporation, JAP)

A Co-Simulation Approach to Model the Thermal Behavior of Automotive Vehicles during Dynamic Driving Cycles
C. Brodbeck, P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)


Vacuum Oven Brazing Simulation (VOBS)
G. Apostolopoulos, R. Stauch, W. Kühnel (Mahle Behr, GER)


C2 – Coupling

Simulation Driven Design of EGR Coolers
C. Wolfe, T. Berg (Ansys, USA); P. Mandloi, A. Shrivastava, S. Shrivastava, C. Patil, A. Kshatriya (Ansys, IND)


Using Co-Simulation to Reduce the Calculation Time in Vehicle Dynamics
J. Kleinert, K. Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER); J. Christl, S. Kunz (EDAG Engineering, GER)


A New Unified Flow for Seamless High Power Multiphysics Applications
C. Wolfe, V. Delafosse, S. Scampoli (Ansys, USA)


Exhaust Manifold Thermal Analysis and Test Rig Optimization Study
B. Celikten, S. Eroglu (Ford Otomotiv Sanayi, TUR)


C3 – Vibro-Acoustics

Aero-Vibro-Acoustics for Wind Noise Application
C. Wolfe, S. Sovan (Ansys, USA); M. Oswald (Ansys Germany, GER)


Coupled Fluid Flow and 3D Acoustics Simulation of an Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
V. Kumar, P. Papathanasiou, M. Bezdek (Endress+Hauser Flowtec, SUI)

Multiphysics of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
A. J. Svobodnik, T. Nizzoli (Konzept-X, GER)


FEM AO Approach to Vibroacoustic Simulation: Fluid-Structure Interaction and Coupled Analyses
G. Miccoli (Imamoter, ITA); K. Vansant (Siemens PLM, BEL); C. Bertolini (Autoneum, SUI)


Scientific committee

N. Elabbasi (Veryst Engineering, USA)
V. Gravemeier (AdCo Engineering, GER)
N. Karajan (DYNAmore, GER)
A. Kurkchubasche (Dassault Systèmes Simulia, USA)
M. Moatamedi (Narvik University College, NOR)
H. Nordborg (HSR Rapperswil, SWI)
B. Peters (University of Luxemburg, LUX)
A. J. Svobodnik (Konzept-X, AUT)
K. Wolf (Fraunhofer Institute SCAI, GER)
C. Wolfe (Ansys, USA)

The conference will be organized by