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Practicalities of Analysing Composites

Practicalities of Analysing Composites

Composites are playing an increasingly important role in all areas of engineering. Light, strong, corrosion-free, composites are ideal candidates for producing novel, light-weight structures.

With this important role there are now a growing number of sophisticated numerical tools to predict the stiffness and strength, to analyse the manufacturing process, and tools that can help produce optimal designs for composite components and composite assemblies.

This seminar was for analysts who need to evolve their analysis methods to the design of composite components. Strategies and techniques being used by leading practitioners were presented.


Keynote Presentation: Damage and Failure Conditions for Continuous Fibre Composites
Klaus Rohwer, Retired from German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems

Composite Process Simulation: HowTargeted Modelling Aids Streamlined Process Development
Peter Giddings, National Composites Centre, a partof the High Value Manufacturing Catapult

Composite Optimisation in Motor Sportand the Consideration of Practical Manufacturing Rules
Martin Gambling, GRM Consulting Ltd.            

Robustness Simulation of Fibre Distortion observed during Press Forming of Continuous-Fibre-Reinforced Composites
Mark Arnold, Penso

Integrating Design and Simulationof Composite Aircraft Structures: A Key Step towards a Streamlined Model Build Process
Christian Knipprath, Airbus

Scaling It Up – Multiscale Techniques for Composite Applications                                 Stuart Nixon, Dassault Systemes UK Limited

Multiscale Analysis of Composites:The Remaining Challenges
Stephanie Miot, Strategic Simulation and Analysis

High Fidelity Indentation and LowVelocity Impact Modelling for Composite Structures
Stephen Hallett, Bristol University