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The SimBest Project: High-Value Manufacturing Modeling & Best Practices in Simulation

The SimBest Project: High-Value Manufacturing Modelling & Best Practices in Simulation



SimBest: Simulation Best Practice and State of the ArtThe use of simulation in high value-added manufacturing promises high payback but there are many challenges for companies in order to fully exploit the use of simulation. The SimBest project evaluated different sectors to perform a gap analysis between the industrial best practice and the academic state-of-the-art and enabled the definition of (1) areas where new users can learn from experienced ones, (2) potential learning areas across the sectors, as well as (3) areas requiring further development to maintain the continual progress of experienced users. It is hoped that these findings will facilitate both sets of users in their continual quest to achieve more efficiency savings and competitive advantages in their design and manufacturing activities.

This presentation covered the work carried out during the SimBest project, highlighting some results and observations.

The SimBest project term was one year, from April 2015 until March 2016, and was funded by Innovate UK and coordinated by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), who also evaluated the academic State of the Art. NAFEMS coordinated the Industrial Best Practice work and GE/Alstom Power coordinated the academic-industrial gap analysis. 


  • Andrew Wood, NAFEMS  

High-Value Manufacturing Modelling & Best Practices in Simulation

  • Dr. Gino Duffett, NAFEMS 

Q & A Session





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Dr. Gino Duffett

Technical and Management Consultant & Trainer, NAFEMS

Gino holds a PhD and MSc in engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He has worked for over 30 years at the forefront of simulation and analysis in many different roles. He started as a programmer at the University of Swansea, Wales and then at LUSAS general purpose finite element software (London). Later, he moved into R&D project creation and management at CIMNE (Barcelona) and creation of manufacturing process simulation software at Quantech (Barcelona). He continues this work but also does technical and management engineering consultancy focusing on multi-disciplinary simulation processes and optimization and engineer training. He has been involved with NAFEMS for a very long time and is currently a member of the Systems Modelling & Simulation WG and Manufacturing WGs at NAFEMS.

Current position/Tasks:

His recent focus has been managing the SimBest project for NAFEMS UK, generating and presenting training courses and evolving the Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) program.

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