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Finite Element Methodologies for Certification by Analysis

L. Gomez, NIAR / Wichita State University

Nowadays aerospace industry dedicates large amounts of resources and time to design and certify aircraft components. NIAR-VIMOTECH modelling methodologies are able to support industry during the design and certification process by using predictable numerical analysis. Taking advantage of the advances in computational power, the latest computational tools, years of research to understand the physics, generated test-to-test variability data, and verified & validated (V&V) modelling methodologies predictable models can be achieved. Using these methodologies, the definition of the numerical model is not driven by system level results. It’s driven by the predefined building block modelling methodology so no calibration is required at the full scale level. Following these methodologies, the numerical analysis is able to predict the system level test results within the scope and scatter of the physical test results. With correlation levels that fall between the test-to-test variability. Finally, specific documentation processes are defined so information is readily available for review by clients and authorities.