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Abstract: Panel Discussion

Airplane Certification Deregulation Proposals: Can and Should Engineering Analysis by Simulation Replace Certification Testing? 

Led by J. Castro, The Boeing Company

Aerospace played a key role in the development of simulation technologies in the 1950’s and ’60’s. The need for flutter prediction along with external and internal loads development drove the adoption and deployment of simulation technologies in the aerospace industry. In the decades since then, the capabilities and sophistication of simulation technology has moved well beyond computation of loads to calculation and quantification of performance, life and failure. Today, with the increasing capability of simulation tools, along with increased development of virtual testing, prototyping and digital twin processes within our industry, government and industry leaders are asking to what extent simulation can supplement and replace testing? Do we know how to adequately govern the use of simulation as a supplement or replacement for some testing? Are existing verification and validation standards adequate? How much can simulation decrease our costs associated with development and certification of our products? Our panel of industry experts along with our conference attendees will discuss these challenges and more to close out our NAFEMS Aerospace Big Issues Conference.


NAFEMS Big Issues Survey Results:

The WallStreet Journal: "FAA PanelDelivers Sweeping Recommendations on Deregulation", 09/18/2017

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