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How Simulation Helps Manufacturing Processes

How Simulation Helps Manufacturing Processes

25 May 2017, Bilbao, Spain

NAFEMS has recently created a new Manufacturing process Simulation Working Group (MANWG) whose objective is to promote the safe, reliable and efficient use of numerical tools for manufacturing processes.

NAFEMS-Iberia has joined with the MANWG group to arrange a seminar dedicated to manufacturing simulation to create more awareness for the benefits of using numerical simulation to drive cost reduction and the concept of zero-prototyping across a range of sectors.  The seminar will take place in Bilbao, close to one of the large manufacturing areas in Spain. 

The seminar will present a variety of industrial applications in an attempt to create awareness and further promote the use of simulation thereby improving processes, systems and decision-making while reducing costs.  Aspects such as Uncertainty Quantification, Verification & Validation are encouraged.  All sectors are welcome and we would encourage companies to seek and collaborate cross-sector.  

Example applications could be: die-casting, injection molding, sheet pressing, forging, casting, machining, robotics, systems simulation, etc.

The seminar will include an invited speaker and various other presentations.


Presentations may be delivered in either the English or Spanish language.