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Numerical Simulation in Vehicle Engineering

Numerical Simulation in Vehicle Engineering

What are the new needs of the automotive industry and by what methods of numerical simulation will engineers be able to face these new elements? The 2nd NAFEMS Eastern European Seminar was held to;

  • learn about current and future trends in engineering simulation;
  • hear about and join in discussion on hybrid and autonomous vehicles and;
  • discuss how simulation can help overcome challenges in vehicle engineering

Numerical simulation is in a situation of adaptation. This seminar focused on the trends and the new methodologies of numerical simulation and answered the new objectives of the automotive industry.


The Role of Numerical Simulations in Whole Vehicle Development at Audi Hungaria
Dániel Feszty, AudiHungaria Zrt.

Strength Analysis of the Multi-purpose IC+ Railway Coach Carbody
Bálint Matheser, MÁV-START Zrt.

Thermal Management of Electronic Components for the Increasing needs of the Vehicle Industry
Anna Hidas, Budapest University of Technology and Economics 

Numerical Analysis of Wireless Power Charger for Electric Vehicles
Daniel Marcsa, eCon Engineering Ltd.

Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of a Vehicle Exhaust System with Simultaneous Heat Radiation and Free Convection
Zoltán Horváth,Széchenyi István University

Simulation Tests of a Non Linear Viscoelastic Fluid
Attila Czirják, University of Szeged

Trends and Challenges in CFD for the 21st Century
Lubos Pirkl, CFD Support

Advances and Challenges in Technical Modelling and Simulations for Commercial Vehicle Systems
Árpád Veress, Knorr-Bremse Brake System Ltd.

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