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Use of Automatic Optimisation in Engineering

Use of Automatic Optimisation in Engineering

Engineers have always attempted to optimise their designs as much as possible but have constantly been restricted by time and cost. Now they have the aid of cheap computing facilities as well as optimization techniques, which has enabled the use of automatic optimisation to grow massively over the last decade.

Technology is moving fast with new algorithms and methodologies are being developed at an enormous pace, often inspired by advances in other sectors. However, many drawbacks and issues are still being encountered in different sectors, and specific applications and solutions are of interest to the engineering community.

The seminar aims to bring together people working in numerical analyses on industrial applications, in order to present and discuss problems, approaches, methodologies and solutions related to automatic optimisation including PIDO (Process Integration and Design Optimisation), MDO (Multi-disciplinary Design Optimisation), MOO (Multi-Objective Optimisation), etc.

Invited Speaker

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. S.Shahpar from Rolls-Royce will be our invited speaker presenting “Multi-disciplinary Design Optimisation Applications for Turbomachinery”.



Use of Automatic Optimisation in Engineering agenda

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