Beyond Conventional – Emerging Technologies

One Day Seminar - 4th March 2020, Parma Italy

CAE is now a well-established technology within industry, with Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics now an integral part of the engineering processes of companies within a huge range of industry sectors.

As engineering simulation continues to gain greater traction in industry, the technology itself is evolving at a rapid rate. New techniques are being developed. Research in to more efficient and novel solution techniques has resulted in a range of new numerical approaches. At the same time, software developers are purchasing new companies and making the new technology available in commercial packages at an unprecedented rate.

This one day event from NAFEMS aims to put a spotlight on the capabilities that are becoming available, analysing the extent to which they are able to deliver on their promises, and exploring the level of deployment by industry, now and in the future. Technology areas to be considered could include:

  • Optimisation and Generative Design
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Simulation Data Management
  • Digital Twins
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Meshless Methods

The focus for this event is on looking further than the day-to-day and examining new techniques and use-cases from across the community. Part of our core mission at NAFEMS is to keep pace with the use of simulation in the real-world, as well as promoting the safe and reliable use of the technology. As the organization grows to cover even more aspects of simulation and analysis, part of our commitment to the community is to give these new methods and ideas exposure to the widest audience possible, hence organising this exciting event in beautiful Parma.

At this event, the hope is that we will provide an introduction to some of the new methods that are reaching the market, you’ll find discussions on several new and innovative approaches, which we hope will expand your knowledge and pique your interest, with the pros and cons for practical engineering applications being the focus.


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04 Mar 202004 Mar 2020Parma, Italy


Beyond Conventional – Emerging Technologies


We would like to extend an invitation to your company to be part of this exciting event. There are several outstanding opportunities available for your company to sponsor or exhibit at the seminar, giving you maximum exposure to a highly targeted audience of delegates, who are all directly involved in simulation, analysis, and design.

Please contact Jo Davenport - to discuss the options available.

Thanks to our co-organiser ...

Prof. Giulio Lorenzini
Full Professor of Environmental Technical Physics
University of Parma
Department of Engineering and Architecture


Centro Sant’ Elisabetta Room
Universita' di Parma
Via Università 12
43121 Parma
Tel. +39 0521 902111

The seminar will be held at the Scientific Campus of the University of Parma, Italy. It is a broad and green area (Parco Area delle Scienze) hosting Parma's scientific departments.

A frequent bus service operates between the train station, downtown and Campus. You can reach Campus University by public transport using bus lines: 7, 14, 21. For a map of public transport bus routes in Parma, Italy, click here: