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Hardware Considerations for Efficient Finite Element Analysis

Hardware Considerations for Efficient Finite Element Analysis


In this webinar, we discussed what hardware configurations to pursue to get the most efficient solutions from your FEA tools. We examined various hardware components such as processors, RAM, GPUs, and hard drives and how they interact with your FEA databases and solvers. We also delved into various solution algorithms and how they are affected by your hardware setup. Finally, we explored different cluster solution options for even more capacity and speed beyond your workstation.


Webinar Presentation (pdf) l Webinar Recording (WebEx)

Note: The presentation and recording are only available to NAFEMS members.


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This webinar was available to the engineering analysis community, as part of NAFEMS' efforts to bring the community together online.

About our speaker

Jeff Strain

Jeff Strain is a structural analysis engineer in the aerospace and defense industry.

Over the past 27 years, he has held the roles of both finite element software user for companies such as Honeywell, Orbital Sciences, and Danbury Mission Systems, and technical specialist for ANSYS reseller PADT and Autodesk. Jeff enjoys sharing his finite element analysis knowledge and experiences with analysis engineers, design engineers, and anyone else who may benefit.