Introducing Realism in Multibody Dynamics : When MBD and FE Converge

Introducing Realism in Multibody Dynamics: When MBD and FE Converge


MultiBody Dynamics is now used as a major design and analysis tool in industry. Over the past few years, there has been a drive to introduce increased levels of realism in these simulations. But that means we need to introduce more flexibility in these models, as whilst linear flexible components have long been part of MB technology, nonlinear effects have been more complicated to integrate due to the nature of the solvers and software.

About this webinar

In this exclusive webinar, Dr Patrick Morelle, chair of the NAFEMS MBD Working Group, looked at how we can introduce this realism into Multibody Dynamics, and how the convergence of multibody simulation and FEA can provide the best of both worlds for the end user.


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This webinar was available to all NAFEMS members exclusively as part of their membership.

About the speaker

Patrick Morelle graduated from the University of Liege in 1980 as “Ingénieur Physicien”, and then in 1981 “Applied Mathematics Engineer”. He worked from 1980 to 1988 as research engineer and Assistant Professor at the University of Liege (Mécanique des Structures) where he developed shakedown analysis capabilities, leading to a PhD in 1987. He joined SAMTECH in 1989 as leader of Optimisation and Fracture Mechanics groups.

In 1997, he accepted a position of Vice-Head and then Head of Department at “Pôle Universitaire Leonard de Vinci” in Paris La Défense (Département Mécanique)

Back to Samtech group in 2000, he worked for the German Branch as Sales Manager and then CEO of Samtech Deutschland. Since beginning of 2012, and following the merging process of Samtech and LMS, he worked as Business Developer and Product Manager, responsible for Nonlinear Finite Element and Rotor Dynamics capabilities.

Following the acquisition of LMS by Siemens, he finally joined Simcenter technical marketing team with a position of Senior Marketing Manager (2015 to 2019)

He is now pre-retired from Siemens and working as independent consultant for NAFEMS