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Systems Modeling & Simulation Community - INCOSE International Workshop

Systems Modeling & Simulation Community - INCOSE International Workshop

Monday 1st February 2021


In conjunction with the Annual INCOSE International Workshop


    • Welcome & SMSWG overview : Peter Coleman (Airbus Operations), SMSWG chair
    • SMSWG Roadmap focus team update : Frank Popielas (SMS_ThinkTank), SMSWG vice-chair
    • Proposals for focus team on SMS Meta Data: Peter Coleman (Airbus Operations) + collaborators
    • SMSWG input for SE Handbook Edition 5: Hans Peter de Koning (DEKonsult)
    • Affiliated AFIS-NAFEMS SMSWG in France : Eric Landel (IRT SystemX)
    • BREAK
    • SMS related Standards – Overview : Hans Peter de Koning (DEKonsult)
    • SMS related Standards - MoSSEC, PDES + LOTAR MBSE : Mark Williams (The Boeing Company)
    • SMS related Standards - Modelica, FMI 3.0 & e-FMI : Hubertus Tummescheit (Modelon)
    • Evolution in SMS Terms & Definitions : Ed Ladzinski (SMS_ThinkTank)
    • Q&A and next meetings

Access the meeting recording and slide decks1

1Content available to Systems Modeling & Simulation Community Members

The SMS Community

The SMSWG communicates to the wider engineering community via the Systems Modeling and Simulation Community. The SMS Community consists of individuals who are either NAFEMS or INCOSE members who have an interest in the topic of Systems Modeling and Simulation but who are not necessarily experts in this area. The SMSWG organizes meetings with the SMS Community to keep them informed of developments in the field of SMS and to keep members of the SMS Community abreast of SMSWG activities. Click here for more details and to learn how to join the SMS Community.