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Talking Shop with Tony Abbey - Episode 4 - Mohr's Circle

Talking Shop with Tony Abbey

Episode 4 - Mohr's Circle


Talking Shop with Tony Abbey
NAFEMS is talking shop with Tony Abbey on a range of topics relevant to, and suggested by, the engineering analysis community.


Mohr’s circle seems to be a very unpopular topic in structural mechanics courses!

Tony thinks it is because it seems:

  • Very arcane
  • Very procedural
  • Very confusing
  • Never used in practical engineering

Why bother with Principal Stresses, Maximum shears etc. – Von Mises is king!! Maybe don’t want to go back to graphs, but:

Perhaps Mohr’s circle is useful today to help understand:

  • What are stress transformations?
  • Why do them?

Tony's trying to give Mohr a boost here!


This series is available for free to the engineering analysis community, as part of NAFEMS' efforts to bring the community together online.
Tony Abbey

Tony Abbey has created and taught a wealth of FEA training material over the past 20 years. Thousands of engineers across the world have benefited from his live and e-learning based classes. He has developed a reputation for providing the student with an experience that is full of insight gained from his extensive experience, but which also challenges and motivates.Tony has been working with FEA for nearly 40 years, both in Industry and for leading FEA software providers in the UK and the US.

His informal and interactive presentation style allows the key concepts to be taught in a manner which involves participants fully in the course material. Tony presents papers at NAFEMS and other conferences on a regular basis and has been involved with NAFEMS since its formation. He has written a series of very popular articles on FEA for Desktop Engineering magazine.