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An Introduction to the VMAP Standard for CAE Simulation Processes

An Introduction to the VMAP Standard for CAE Simulation Processes

Date: Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

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The first beta version of the VMAP Standard has now been released, and is available at


VMAP is an open and free standard for the transfer of information between simulations within a process chain, no matter what software is used to carry these out. This provides engineers with a fast solution to pass information from one calculation to another without needing to create one-off interfaces.


VMAP provides a detailed and well-defined open-source standard, accompanied by a software library of input/output tools to read/write the VMAP data files and enable fast development of transfer operations between different software packages. Many software companies and suppliers have included, or are working on including, VMAP into their tools. Learn more by visiting:
It continues to be developed and will be supported by the extensive VMAP Standards Community, including software companies, consultancies, users and standards developers.
This webinar will explore:
  • what VMAP is
  • why software vendors, simulation analysts, and methods developers should use it
  • the I/O software libraries
  • use cases describing different implementations of the standard
  • the future vision for the standard and the community
  • …and more


  • Welcome & Introduction:
    • Andrew Wood, NAFEMS Americas
  • Main Presentation
    • Overview of VMAP Release 0.3
    • Klaus Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI; VMAP Project Manager)
    • IO Library and Implementation Methodologies
    • Priyanka Gulati (Fraunhofer SCAI; VMAP Technical Standards and Implementation Manager)
    • VMAP Future Vision
    • Klaus Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI; VMAP Project Manager)
    • VMAP Standards Community
    • Gino Duffett (NAFEMS GmbH; VMAP Dissemination, Exploitation and Community Manager)
  • Q&A and Discussion
  • Close


About the Speakers

Dr. Gino Duffett


Dr. Gino Duffett
R&D, Technical and Management Consultant, Trainer


Gino holds a PhD and MSc in engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He has worked for almost 40 years at the forefront of simulation and analysis in many academic and commercial roles: software developer and creator, R&D, reseller and trainer. Currently he works for NAFEMS managing the dissemination part of the VMAP project that is responsible for the VMAP Standards Community.


Klaus Wolf


Klaus Wolf
Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI


Klaus has a Diploma in Computer Science from University Bonn in Germany. He works for Fraunhofer since more than 30 years. The focus of his business area is the development of interface solutions for any kind of multiphysics engineeriing applications. Klaus is also general manager of the VMAP project.


Priyanka Gulati


Priyanka Gulati
Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI


Priyanka holds an MSc in Computational Engineering from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. She has worked in the Simulation domain in both aero and auto sector. Currently, she is working as a Technical Coordinator at Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms & Scientific Computing SCAI handling the VMAP Project.