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Physics-Based Digital Twins

Physics-Based Digital Twins

March 23 - 24, 2021, online, seminar


The concept of Digital Twins in industry could completely change the way we look at product maintenance and product development. By looking at the real world and its digital counterpart, combined as a cyber-physical system, it should be possible to predict not only future maintenance needs, but also the effects of off-design events on expected life time, and even custom spare part design - based on the actual environment the product is operating in.

Through ingenious algorithms and breakthrough engineering technologies we have come a long way, and since many years Digital Twins have been integrated in manufactured products as well as in energy and transport infrastructure, with examples such as aero engines, bridges and district heating systems. Needless to say, the concept aligns perfectly well with the Industry 4.0 idea.

However, the Digital Twin become something of a hype with its peak in 2018, at least according to Gartner who claims that we are now deep down in the “trough of disillusionment” phase. But although public interest may have waned, the business opportunity is still very much there and the engineering community is working hard to close the technology gaps.

In this conference we will revisit the definition of Digital Twins, ranging from the raw CAD models to high-fidelity connected twins, and their corresponding use cases.

Your NAFEMS NORDIC Steering Committee

Technical leaders:
F. Santandrea (RISE, Sweden, member of the NAFEMS NORDIC Steering Committee)
M. Oledal (EDRMedeso, Norway, collaboration partner)

Agenda, 23 March 2021 - time zone UTC+1

Welcome and NAFEMS Introduction
F. Santandrea (RISE, SWE; member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee); A. Oswald (NAFEMS)

Introduction to the seminar
M. Oledal (EDRMedeso, NOR)

Session 1 - Concepts

How to Tell the Difference Between a Model and a Digital Twin
L. Wright (National Physical Laboratory, GBR)

The Lay of the Land: Opportunities and Challenges for the Digital Twin
D. Wu (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH – IABG, GER)

At the Focal Point of Engineering: Combining CAE, Statistical Methods and Engineering Knowledge for Reliable Predictions with Limited Data
F. Halvorsen (EDRMedeso, NOR)


Session 2 - Concepts

Challenges of the Digital Twin: Making Digital Continuity Work
M. Strietzel (PROSTEP, GER)

Digital Twins – Status and Challenges
A. Karl, J. Matlik (Rolls-Royce Corporation, USA)

Democratisation of Digital Twins
F. Popielas (SMS Thinktank, USA)

Wrap-up day 1
M. Oledal (EDRMedeso, SWE)

End of day 1

Agenda, 24 March 2021 - time zone UTC+1

Welcome and Introduction to day 2
F. Santandrea (RISE, SWE); member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee)

Session 3 - Applications

Digital Fingerprint - From the Beginning to the End of the Simulation Value Chain
J. Dittmann (IFB Institute of Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart, GER)
Cancelled presentation:
Spacecraft Architecture Optimisation based on Digital Twin Approach
C. Ducamp (Airbus Defence and Space, FRA)

Real Time Digital Twin based Structural Health Monitoring
T. Rølvåg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NOR)


Session 4 - Applications

Digital Twins for Product Development: Vision, Challenges and Opportunities from RISE to Swedish Industry
V. Kardeby (RISE, SWE)

Digital Twins for Audio Systems
A. J. Svobodnik (Mvoid Group, AUT)

Physics-Based Digital Twins of Welding Fabrication in Real-Time
M. Asadi, M. Mohseni, M. Tanbakuei Kashani, M. Fernandez, M. Smith (Applus (SKC Engineering), CAN)


Session 5 Live Panel Discussion

Live panel discussion on "Digital Twins: From Hype to Business Success"
F. Holvorsen (EDRMedeso, NOR); F. Santandrea (RISE, SWE); L. Wright (National Physical Laboratory, GBR); G. Baldesi (ESA – European Space Agency, NED); F. Popielas (SMS Thinktank, USA)
Moderated by D. Nagy (BeyondCAE, USA)

Wrap-up / Farewell
M. Oledal (EDRMedeso, SWE); F. Santandrea (RISE, SWE; member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee)

End of day 2

Preliminary agenda subject to iterations! * to be confirmed

Please note the time zone = UTC+1


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