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Innovation in healthcare using organ modeling and simulation

Innovation in healthcare using organ modeling and simulation: application in robotics and medical devices

Technology Days by Inria and NAFEMS




Inria and NAFEMS propose a new format: one afternoon to discover Inria open-source technologies along with the latest associated research and commercial solutions! This first session will focus on the impact of simulation in medical devices and robotics!




Welcoming: when NAFEMS meets Inria open-source technologies - Hugo Talbot (SOFA open-source consortium)

Keynote: from Bayesian inference to neural network, how data-driven simulation can be used in surgery - Stéphane Cotin (Inria)
  • Research
  • Platforms
  • Industry
    • Oticon - Numerical simulation for implant testing in EES - Guillaume Tourrel (Translational Research Manager)
    • Anatoscope: Building anatomical avatar by combining medical images with patient-specific simulation - François Faure (Co-Founder & CEO Anatoscope)
    • PrediSurge: Simulation of blood flow to better design and implant cardiovascular devices - David Perrin (Co-Founder & CEO PrediSurge)

  • Pitch à projet
  • Keynote - Digitalization of Healthcare: how academics, regulators and industrialists are joining forces with patients, clinicians and policy makers to deploy in silico medicine as an impactful solution for all - Thierry Marchal (Program Director for Healthcare Solutions, ANSYS)




Event Type: Webinar

Member Price: Free

Non-Member Price: Free


Start Date

End Date


14/09/21 14/09/21 Online (Webex)


Time: 14th September 2021 starting at 1:30 pm CET

Language/mode: English

Mode: Virtual

Main Partners: Pole Systematique (Hubs Digital Engineering), AF Micado, Avicenna-VPHI