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MPWG Community - General Guidelines for Multiphysics Simulations

General Guidelines for Multiphysics Simulations

Multiphysics Community Event

Wednesday 29th September 2021

08:00 PDT (Los Angeles), 11:00 EDT (New York)
16:00 BST (London), 17:00 CEST (Berlin)

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Welcome & Overview

Trudy Hoye, NAFEMS Technical Working Groups Manager

Introduction to the Multiphysics Working Group

Alfred Svobodnik, Multiphysics Working Group Chair


Alfred Svobodnik, MVOID Group & MPWG Chair

Angelo Limone, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jonathan Jacqmot, Free Field Technologies

Question & Answer Session


Event Description

Multiphysics simulations are increasingly demanded by analysts and designers, not only for the final validation stage of a new product development cycle, but even more in its early design phase. This trend is accelerated by different applications and emerging markets, e.g. electrification of mobility (e-vehicles and planes) and related energy storage (safe and energy-dense batteries, fuel cells etc), miniaturization of semiconductor manufacturing, increased demand for energy production and distribution, etc.

Yet multiphysics simulations are not easy to perform and traditional higher education paths tend to focus on narrow domains (CFD, structural mechanics, electromagnetics) with weak guidance on multiphysics.

In this seminar we will show some exemplary multiphysics simulation and discuss the technical ingredients and challenges behind them. Guidelines will be given about how to deal with some common scenarios encountered by analysts and designers.

About this event

This event is being hosted by the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group (MPWG). The MPWG has formed an online Community to enable NAFEMS members to learn more and interact with other engineers and scientists who have an interest in Multiphysics analysis. For more information and to get involved go to the Multiphysics Community webpage.

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This event is available for free to members of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Community.


Olivia Stodieck

Alfred Svobodnik, MVOID Group

Alfred is the president and CEO of the MVOID Group, and is an entrepreneur, thought leader, engineer and scientist. He has been researching for more than 25 years in the areas of Multiphysics, and virtual as well as computational acoustics.

Alfred spent 5 years with Harman International Inc. where he held several senior managerial and executive adviser positions in the areas of simulation and virtual acoustics for audio systems.

Alfred started his career as founding member, executive partner and CTO in 1990 with Numerical Analysis and Design, a company specialized in engineering analysis with finite and boundary elements for stress analysis, structural dynamics and computational acoustics.

He is an honorary member of NAFEMS, a member of the NAFEMS German Steering Committee and Chair of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group, as well as a founding member of the NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer Scheme. Alfred is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society.


Olivia Stodieck

Angelo Limone, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Angelo Limone has a background in physics, with a focus on industrial applications. He completed a PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching near Munich.

Angelo previously worked as a Computational Scientist at the ABB Corporate Research Center in Switzerland and currently he works as Technical Product Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Angleo's current work is focused on low-frequency computational electromagnetics, heat transfer, thermal radiation, plasma flows and multiphysics.


Olivia Stodieck

Jonathan Jacqmot, Free Field Technologies

Jonathan Jacqmot holds a mechanical engineering degree (equivalent to MSc) from Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). Jonathan has 15 years of experience in acoustic CAE with Free Field Technologies (FFT now part of MSC Software, Hexagon MI). At the beginning of his career, he performed a 1-year assignment on-site at Airbus Acoustic department as NVH CAE consultant.

Over his career, Jonathan evolved from Application Engineer position to Project Manager and then to Technical Manager responsible for all engineering and support operations at FFT. He is now the head of the acoustic Center of Excellence for MSC Software - Hexagon.