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Role of Engineering Simulation within Digital Transformation

Role of Engineering Simulation within Digital Transformation

NAFEMS Iberia Seminar


NAFEMS Iberia held a full-day ONLINE seminar on 04 March 2021. The seminar was planned as a face-to-face event in Madrid but due to covid restrictions it will now take place online. This replaces the conference originally planned for Barcelona during November 2020 rescheduled due to the covid-19 pandemic. This seminar was a follow up to the very successful “How Simulation Helps Manufacturing Processes” seminar day arranged in Bilbao in May 2017 attended by over 70 delegates and 5 sponsors.

Digital transformation is helping engineering simulation engineers become more innovative and creative, driven by their efforts to improve product performance at all levels while reducing costs. This exerts constant pressure on CAE teams in industry, research institute and university who need to respond quickly and cleverly to novel client demands.

The Seminar was a venue for meeting like-minded engineers for knowledge sharing provided by keynote and other presentations from researchers, developers and users interspersed with open discussions on digital transformation areas such as:

  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Novel Manufacturing Processes
  • Virtual Testing
  • Multibody Simulation
  • Digital Twins
  • Machine Learning


Seminar Program

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Note: Most presentations will be delivered in English, but some will be delivered in Spanish.

08:45Welcome by NAFEMS-Iberia
08:50Presentation by NAFEMS
09:00Reduced-Order Thermal Modeling of Traction MotorsLuca Boscaglia (Chalmers University of Technology), Fabio Bonsanto (ANSYS Inc.), Shafigh Nategh (ABB AB) and Aldo Boglietti (Politecnico di Torino)
09:30Onboard thermal analysis of battery systems using a digital twinAnna Szardenings (Volkswagen Group Components) and Heike Fassbender (Technical University of Brunswick)
10:00Induction Hardening simulation of large-size pitch bearings Maialen Areitioaurtena and Unai Segurajauregi (Ikerlan)
10:30Sponsor presentation: ANSYS
11:00Bridging the Simulation and Experimental Realms with Effective QuadraturesPranay Seshadri (Effective Quadratures)
11:30A roadmap for the Digital Transformation of your Engineering Materials DataRob Davis and Charlie Bream (Ansys Granta)
12:00How CAD/CAE Morphing and Concept Modelling is changing the development process of the OEMsVictor Jaouen (CAEmesh)
12:30Revisiting Huth equation orientated to high efficiency detail FEM building.Miguel Tomas (Structural Analysis Independent Consultant / UPC)
13:00Sponsor presentation: Dassault | Principia
13:30Stochastic Finite Element Modelling to Understand the Fatigue Performance of Additively Manufactured LatticesValerio Carollo and Tyler London (TWI Ltd)
14:00Multibody simulation as a new fatigue design tool for wear evaluationManuel Ordiz and Mario Cabello (Ikerlan)
14:30Behavioural modelling approach for virtual fatigue testingJavier Gómez-Escalonilla (AIRBUS Defense & Space)
15:00Sponsor presentation: MeshWorks | CAEmesh
15:30VMAP enabling interoperability in integrated CAE simulation workflowsKlaus Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI), Priyanka Gulati (Fraunhofer SCAI) and Gino Duffett (NAFEMS GmbH)
16:00CFD investigation of the sonic boom on a supersonic aircraft conceptD. Calvo-Mayo and A. Sattarov (Numiberica)
16:30Closure by NAFEMS-Iberia


Role of Engineering Simulation within Digital Transformation






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