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Modelling & Simulation to Support the Hydrogen Economy

Modelling & Simulation to Support the Hydrogen Economy

Today, the shared determination from key stakeholders in the energy value chain for a clean and sustainable energy transition has never been stronger. To meet the Paris Agreement goals, a deep decarbonisation of the industry, including the transportation sector is needed. Particularly in Europe, there is a consensus that Hydrogen will play a critical role, as an energy vector, to achieve net zero emission targets. This will require the design and commissioning of a massive infrastructure for hydrogen production and transport both offshore and onshore. The European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative has recently extended the proposed hydrogen pipeline corridor to over 53,000 km by 2040, consisting primarily of repurposed natural gas pipelines (60%) and new networks (40%) for the domestic and global import markets. On the end-user side, the appetite towards hydrogen-powered vehicles and airplanes has been promoting some breakthrough technological advancements for on-board hydrogen storage and use.

Modelling and simulation is increasingly used as a key enabler to the effective development and delivery of hydrogen-ready material/system solutions. Leveraging the widespread availability of high performance computing resources and emerging data-driven tools, predictive models have nowadays reached a high maturity level covering the full product lifecycle. From early design stages and material selection, through digital optimisation of the manufacturing process, to digital certification and testing and ultimately simulating the product performance in hydrogen service and managing its integrity in real operations.

The purpose of this NAFEMS seminar is to bring together modelling & simulation experts from academia, industry and research & technology organisations (RTOs) to share know-how and best practices on modelling how hydrogen affects the structural properties and behaviour of materials and demonstrate the value of numerical modelling on practical use cases. This is the opportunity to bring together experts from different sectors (e.g., metals vs. composites) who often don’t get the opportunity to meet and discuss their unique challenges and possible technology transfer opportunities. Among other topics, the below focus areas will of great interest:

  • R&D trends in modelling hydrogen transport/permeation through metals and composites
  • Advances in modelling hydrogen-material interactions and related degradation mechanisms (e.g., embrittlement and subcritical crack growth in metals, swelling and blistering in polymer composites)
  • Recent developments in manufacturing process simulation of parts for hydrogen service, including (but not limited to) additive manufacturing
  • Trends in digital certification and multiscale modelling-based qualification of products for hydrogen applications
  • Developments in predictive models for lifetime prediction and fitness-for-service of assets in hydrogen service


Speakers from key organisations active in above research fields is under investigation including, but not limited to, SINTEF, NPL, DNV, NCC, TWI, Dassault Systemes, NTNU, KAUST, UCL, Imperial College, Air Liquide, Baker Hughes, Strhom, Solvay, Ford, Shell and Saudi Aramco, ..etc.

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Event Type Seminar
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Non-member Price £260.00 | $314.69 | €302.96
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Start Date End Date Location
06 Dec 202206 Dec 2022London, UK


Venue details in The South, to be confirmed.


We would like to extend an invitation to your company to be part of this exciting event.

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