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The Role of Requirements for Simulation

Systems Modeling & Simulation Community Meeting

The Role of Requirements for Simulation

Tuesday 9 May 2023 | Online

1​6:00 GMT (London) | 17:00 CET (Berlin)
08:00 PST (Los Angeles) | 11:00 EST (New York)

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Requirements play a key role in Systems Engineering. In particular, Model-based approaches require well defined, authored and managed requirements. During this meeting, we will interactively discuss what this means for simulation related requirements as part of an overall MBSE approach, what challenges simulation teams are facing, how such challenges can / could be addressed. During our SMS Community sessions this year we want to pay more attention to the topic “requirements”. This session in May will be a first of several. Based on outcome of this meeting we will further narrow down future topics on this subject for our SMS Community meetings.


  • Presentation Topic : "The Role of Requirements for Simulation"
  • Presenter : Frank Popielas, SMS_ThinkTank


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Our speaker

F. Popielas

Frank Popielas