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Connect data across apps for traceability using only add-ons

October '23 Systems Modeling & Simulation Community Meeting

Presentation & Interactive Discussion: ‘Connect data across apps for traceability using add-ons’

Tuesday 10 October 2023 | Online

16:00 GMT (London) | 17:00 CET (Berlin)
08:00 PST (Los Angeles) | 11:00 EST (New York)

The topic of traceability is very important regarding creation of a proper digital thread across the domains and organizations.

A new Web-based approach for creating traceability links is enabled by enterprise apps being increasingly available as Web apps, which can be extended via Web browser extensions. This allows engineers to create and manage traceability links in-app, in other words inside their existing applications, without the need to introduce a 3rd party application. As a result, engineers can use best-of-breed apps for different domains, while having additional traceability superpowers. Koneksys is currently in the process of implementing such a traceability solution named TraceLynx. The presentation will present the new traceability approach and include recent product demos.


  • Opening of meeting: Frank Popielas, Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group Vice Chair
  • Main Presentation: ‘Connect data across apps for traceability using only add-ons’; Axel Reichwein, Koneksys

Until now, engineers could use a third-party application (e.g., MBSE, ALM, or PLM, etc.) to create traceability links between artefacts from different applications. This approach is difficult for users

    • to set up, as the 3rd party app needs to be configured
    • to select data to be linked as the data in the 3rd party app only has limited context compared to the data in the native app
    • to manage as it requires syncing data between native apps and the 3rd party app
  • Open Discussion

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Frank Popielas - SMS_ThinkTank;


A​xel Reichwein - Koneksys