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ISO 10303-209 for Space and Aerospace projects

ASSESS Insight Webinar

ISO 10303-209 for Space and Aerospace projects

Thursday 16 February 2023 | Online

A​ccess Recording

ASSESS - NAFEMS Initiative

Throughout multiple Aeronautics, Space and Defense projects, Jotne has incorporated the ISO 10303 (STEP) standard in their SDM and PLM applications. STEP is an open ISO standard covering many engineering domains (design, analysis, manufacturing, etc.). The standard describes and specifies a set of data models used for data exchange, storage and sharing.

Jotne uses this standard in their applications to manage and relate data sets imported from different CAE applications (design, analysis, testing etc.). Having all data in a standard repository, allows queries and tools that need to access data across different domains to be more easily be developed. This presentation will introduce the ISO 10303 standard and AP209.

We will look at how it has been implemented in Jotne’s tool and present some projects where these have been used. The projects involve import of data sets from a variety of CAE applications and sensors, which are then stored in a common standard based repository. The presentation will go through the different use cases of these projects.


  • Intro by Jo Potts & Joe Walsh, NAFEMS ASSESS Initiative
  • Presentation by Remi Lanza, Jotne

A​ccess Recording

About our Speaker

R​emi Lanza

Remi Lanza

Remi Lanza completed his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 within the field of finite element analysis. He joined Jotne in 2016 where he started his industrial PhD with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He completed his thesis “Capture and reuse of engineering knowledge in digital twins” in 2020 and is currently employed as a Mechanical Engineer. During and after his PhD research Remi was involved in ISO 10303-209 standardization activities, and projects related to SDM, PLM, Digital Twin, FEM/test correlation and development of data exchange applications.