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National Composites Centre Abstract

Simulation Tools Developed for Next Generation Wing Production

Eoin Simon, Head Of Engineering Development  at National Composites Centre

Next generation composite passenger aircraft wings will have different industrial requirements to those currently in production. Building on the lessons learned from the current state of the art has led to new materials and processes not currently used for composite passenger wing production. Processes must be faster and lower cost than those currently used. Coupled to that, the development process must also be lower cost and faster. These are generally considered contradictory requirements. This presentation will outline how the NCC is aiming to demonstrate a suite of simulation, automation and measurement techniques to ensure that when the next generation of wings goes into service, the development time will be shorter. This will be an overview of the Composite Smart Industrial Control (CoSInC) programme, an ATI funded programme, led by Airbus UK and with collaboration from MSC, Hexagon, the National Composites Centre (NCC), and the Centre For Modelling and Simulation (CFMS).