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ASSESS Webinar - ASSESS Summit 2024 Report

ASSESS Insight Webinar

ASSESS Summit 2024 Report

Thursday July 18 2024 | Online

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Get the summary and key findings from the exclusive 2024 ASSESS Summit in this free 1-hour webinar.

You'll get a review of the presentations, discussions and recommendations from the ASSESS Summit 2024 which was held in Atlanta, Georgia in early March, as well as compelling analysis of the event from Joe Walsh, founder of the ASSESS Initiative.

The summit included keynote presentations from Dr. Karen E. Willcox of the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin (“The Future of Digital Twins”) and Alison Main of Procter & Gamble (“Modeling: Mastery, Marketing & Making Decisions!”). Jan Paul Stein & Alessandro Faure Ragani of McKinsey Consulting also gave an invited presentation (“Research on Virtual Testing and Validation”).

The summit also included a presentation from the Business Challenges Theme (“ Understanding the Path to Realizable Business Benefits through Engineering Simulation”, ten “Notes From the Front” presentations and working sessions on seven ASSESS themes.

T​his exclusive free webinar will give attendees an insight into the discussions, hot topics, and insights generated from this high-level executive event.


W​elcome and Introduction
J​o Potts - NAFEMS

A​SSESS Summit 2024 Report
J​oe Walsh - ASSESS

Q​&A and Discussion

O​ur Speaker

Joe Walsh, ASSESS Initiative

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh founded intrinSIM in late 2009 to enable rapid next-generation application development for engineering software, and he also co-founded the ASSESS Initiative in mid-2016 to significantly increase the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation. Joe brings over 40 years of experience, expertise, relationships, and collaborations in the CAE, CAD, interoperability, and component software industries.