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Developing a Successful Mentorship in Simulation

NAFEMS Americas WISE Subcommittee Webinar

Developing a Successful Mentorship in Simulation

Tuesday 23 May 2024 | Online

A​ccess Recording

Developing a Successful Mentorship

Join us on Thursday, May 23rd, for our next webinar "Developing a Successful Mentorship", where we will discuss the complexities of mentor/mentee relationships.

Drawing on the collective experiences of WISE subcommittee members, this session will provide valuable insights and strategies for developing effective mentorship relationships.

Don't pass up this opportunity to gain practical wisdom from our diverse community and improve your mentoring journey.


  • Short Introduction of the NAFEMS Americas WISE Subcommittee
  • Insights from the Field: Mentoring in Simulation with Leanne Campbell, Emily Horn and Erin Berry

Erin, Emily and Leanne will be discussing their mentoring experiences within the simulation space

Leanne Campbell, Boeing Designated Expert – Multi Body Simulation, will cover:

  • Mentor to mentee relationships from both sides (non-technical example)
  • Being bold and reaching out to find a mentor
  • Imposter syndrome when looking for mentees

Emily Horn, Delivery Tools for Automated and Autonomous Vehicle Development from John Deere, will focus on:

  • Being clear regarding what you want out of a mentor
  • Not limiting yourself to older or more senior people for mentoring

Erin Berry, Structural Dynamicist at Collins Aerospace-Raytheon, will discuss:

  • Mentorship experiences throughout her career path
  • The advantages of formal and informal mentorship programmes
  • Approaches for effective knowledge sharing between coworkers
  • Question Time For Attendees


W​ith the participation of the NAFEMS Americas WISE Subcommittee

The Women in Simulation Engineering (WISE) subcommittee is dedicated to promoting and supporting women in the field of simulation engineering. Their goal is to close the gender gap in the field by facilitating networking, career development, and mentoring opportunities. They emphasize the importance of gender diversity for innovation and progress. The group aims to create an inclusive community where women can excel in their careers. They provide career growth through seminars, webinars, and networking events. They are also working to improve gender equality at industry events by encouraging more women to participate as speakers and panelists. Additionally, they plan to set up mentoring programs, pairing experienced professionals with new ones. The overarching goal is to create an environment that empowers women in the field of simulation engineering, fosters success, and drives innovation in the field.

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Our S​peakers

Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell - Boeing Designated Expert – Multi Body Simulation, Boeing

Leanne Campbell is currently the Mechanical Structures Engineering Mechanism Modeling Capability owner for Model Based Engineering. In this role, Leanne works across the Enterprise to develop and deploy standardized mechanism modeling methods, processes, tools and governance aligned to Boeing’s Digital Transformation goals. Prior to her current roll Leanne moved to through several groups at Boeing developing MultiBody Simulation models in support of mechanism development, loads, test, and general understanding of mechanism motion and interfaces. She spent several years in the Door Design Center supporting loads development and MultiBody Simulation modeling for early product development, resulting in several pending patents. During her years on the landing gear team she developed, the first of its kind, 737-10 shrinking gear and providing all internal mechanism loads, for which she holds a patent. She developed MultiBody Simulation and FEA loads during her time on the 777x Wing Leading Edge primarily focused on the Krueger flap. She started her career at Boeing as part of the Kinematic & MultiBody Simulation team supporting all programs and commodities while providing training across the Boeing enterprise. Leanne has a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering with some Graduate work in Structural Dynamics. Prior to joining Boeing, Leanne worked as a Bridge Design Engineer.


Emily Horn

Emily Horn - Delivery Tools for Automated and Autonomous Vehicle Development, John Deere

Emily Horn is responsible for developing the simulation and data infrastructure necessary for delivering John Deere’s machine automation products. She is maturing the simulation tools for verifying computer vision and machine learning (CVML) algorithms for cameras; building the necessary cloud data infrastructure for CVML; and maintaining the strategic roadmap for future tool development. Emily’s goal is to increase the efficiency and scalability of the CVML development process with emphasis on systems engineering and collaboration across groups.

Emily received her BS in mechanical engineering from Valparaiso University, a MS in ME from the University of Iowa, and completed the System Design & Management program at MIT. She has worked for several business units within Deere and has spent the majority of her career in the simulation space focusing on machine dynamics, particle dynamics, systems simulation, and now camera systems. Emily leads a small, but amazing team of data engineers, simulation engineers, and software programmers.


Erin Berry

Erin Berry - Structural Dynamicist, Collins Aerospace-Raytheon

Erin Berry brings over two decades of expertise in structural dynamics analysis and testing to her role at Collins Aerospace. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University and a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she blends technical proficiency with strategic insight. Outside of work, Erin channels her leadership skills into coaching soccer, spearheading STEM outreach initiatives, and dedicating ample volunteer hours to her local Girl Scout council.



Kim Hurt Ansys, Inc.

Kim Hurt
Ansys, Inc.