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Developing a Process for Archiving MBSE Information

Systems Modeling & Simulation Community Meeting

Developing a Process for Archiving MBSE Information

including new integration techniques and data representations

Tuesday 9 April 2024 | Online

08:00 PST (Los Angeles) | 11:00 EST (New York)
16:00 GMT (London) | 17:00 CET (Berlin)


Archiving requires a neutral data format, a Model Report, Model Metadata (e.g. a Manifest), and links to related, dependent, and consuming resources. The primary discussion in this presentations is the P500, fundamentals and concepts for Long Term Archival of Model-based Systems Engineering (eventually to be NAS9300-500). The results support improvements in the design process, supplier packages, and data reuse.

Through process prototypes, the authors have defined alternatives for internal application links, and a traceability function from a perspective of link confidence. To demonstrate, the authors will make use of their own technical papers, which capture the results of the formal prototypes the authors conducted. The prototypes validate the MBSE process standards they add to their P5xx documents.


  • Introduction & SMS Community Updates
    Peter Coleman, Airbus, & Frank Popielas, SMS_ThinkTank
    Co Chairs SMSWG
  • Developing a process for archiving MBSE information, including new integration techniques and data representations
    Mark Williams, Dr. José María Alvarez-Rodríguez, and Jesse Gohl
  • Q&A

The Systems Modeling & Simulation Community

The Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group, which is collaboration between NAFEMS and INCOSE, communicates to the wider engineering community via the Systems Modeling and Simulation Community.

The SMS Community consists of individuals who are either NAFEMS or INCOSE members who have an interest in the topic of Systems Modeling and Simulation but who are not necessarily experts in this area.

The Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group organises meetings with the SMS Community to keep them informed of developments in the field of SMS and to keep members of the Systems Modeling & Simulation Community abreast of Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group activities.

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About the presenters

Mark Williams is a retired Boeing Systems Engineer continuing to support affiliations with INCOSE, PDES, Inc., LOTAR International, and NAFEMS SMS.

Dr. José María Alvarez-Rodríguez

Dr. José María Alvarez-Rodríguez is Associate Professor of Computer Science, University Carlos III de Madrid


Jesse Gohl

Jesse Gohl is an Engineer with Modelon.