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PSE Competency Tracker


PSE Competency Tracker

The PSE Competency Tracker is an online system for tracking and measuring Professional Simulation Engineer Competencies. The PSE Competency Tracker allows users to browse the PSE Competencies online and amend their competency record throughout their career. Companies can use the PSE Competency Tracker to track and manage the competencies of their individual staff and pooled workforce.

The PSE Competency Tracker is a:

  • Competency Framework for Simulation Engineers
  • Educational Resource Guide
  • Online Competency Management & Tracking System

PSE Competencies

Contained within the PSE Competency Tracker, PSE Competencies are a comprehensive list of competencies in the Analysis and Simulation industry. Encompassing thousands of statements, the competencies are subdivided into 26 technical areas. For each technical area, a list of suggested educational resources is provided. 

PSE Competencies:
  • offer a guide to self-learners in Analysis and Simulation;
  • provide a useful resource for education and course development;
  • provide an indication of the standard of competency expected of practising simulation engineers

Measuring & Tracking Competency

Using the online PSE Competency Tracker individuals can plan and monitor their development as a simulation engineer, tracking their competencies as they are achieved.

Companies can do the same for their staff, creating a database of the combined simulation skills of their workforce.