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Using the PSE Competency Tracker

PSE Competency Tracker


Using the PSE Competency Tracker

Browsing PSE Competencies

The competencies contained within the PSE Competency Tracker define the competencies that a good analysis and simulation engineer should possess.

These competencies have been peer-reviewed over several years by NAFEMS’ technical working groups and external experts and create a new standard of competency for analysis and simulation.

Competencies are defined for twenty-six technical areas, incorporating over 1400 individual competency statements.This enables a clear assessment of individuals’ competency level.

A list of the technical areas that are currently part of the PSE program can be found here.

PSE Competencies are for simulation engineers at every level – from those new to the field, to those with several yearsof experience.

Specific to engineering analysis and simulation, PSE Competencies are not specific to any particular software package– creating a benchmark of competency for all simulation engineers.

With more than 1400 individual statements, the competencies are detailed and comprehensive to:

  • enable a clear assessment of an individual’s competency level
  • carefully encompass important aspects of each area of competency

The contained competencies can be developed through on-the-job learning as well as training courses and formal post-graduate courses.

Educational Resources

Links to educational resources are provided within the PSE Competency Tracker to assist individuals in achieving the competencies. Managers may also wish to use the list of educational resources to improve training and staff development.

More than 400 suggested educational resources are listed including books, articles, codes of practice, etc., that are useful to develop the competencies described in the Tracker. For each resource the corresponding list of competencies is provided.

Competency Tracking & Management

A key feature of the PSE Competency Tracker is the ability to easily track and manage the PSE competencies of individuals and pooled workforces.

The PSE Competency Tracker web based system allows the skills that are developed by individuals to be tracked and logged. This can then be used:

  • by individuals to plan and monitor their career development as a simulation engineer
  • by companies to do the same for their staff and to keep a database of the combined simulation skills of their workforce