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aiolas | AI-Powered Direct Question Search

aiolas | AI-Powered Direct Question Search

J​ust ask.

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P​opular Questions

What industry has had the most success deploying SDM?


What is the difference between an engineering simulation model and a digital twin?


What is an ill-conditioned matrix?


H​ow is CFD used in F1 motor-racing?

M​ore Example Questions

Compare and contrast the arc-length and newton-raphson methods


How can you calculate the fatigue life of a weld using FEA?


In what industries is multibody simulation most commonly used?

What is aiolas?

a​iolas is an ai-powered direct question search. It has indexed the entire NAFEMS resource centre, so you could say it knows everything that has ever been produced by NAFEMS, or at any NAFEMS event.

You can ask aiolas direct questions, and it will give you a direct answer, subject to the context provided. More than that, you'll also get links to the NAFEMS resource that the answers came from, allowing you to access the sources directly.

N​AFEMS is hosting aiolas as an experiment, scheduled to run until April 2024.


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aiolas - from eòlas (Scottish Gaelic) (noun): ‘ Knowledge, information, especially knowledge gained by experience or practice, acquaintance’


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