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NAFEMS Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmarks – Volume 1

NAFEMS Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmarks – Volume 1

One of the earliest roles of NAFEMS was to produce benchmarks that could be used by both software developers and simulation practitioners to demonstrate the predictive capability of engineering simulation and analysis tools. There is now a substantial library of such material, primarily for computational structural mechanics applications. This is the first of a number of similar volumes for CFD applications.

There are a number of possible uses of these benchmarks to meet differing user requirements. Some, basic cases, are designed to test a particular capability of the software. The first case in this volume is one of these; the majority of cases may be used for several purposes. The user may wish to test the extent to which a particular software can capture the physics of interest, this is often referred to as solution validation for the specific case. However, when it is to obtain confidence for similar cases it can provide an indication of the level of predictive capability of the software for the class of problem.This can give the reader confidence in the software when proceeding to their specific simulation applications.

As mentioned by the author of these benchmarks, the software user, who sets up and runs the simulation, has a significant influence on the results obtained.Most simulation tools have a large number of settings which can significantly alter the simulation outcomes. These benchmarks can be used to confirm which settings are appropriate for a particular case. The advice of software vendors on this can be sought.

Finally, some users may wish to use these cases for training activities or to confirm the effectiveness of training. Regardless of how the content of this volume is used, the NAFEMS CFD working group hope that it will contribute to the safe and effective use of engineering simulation in all the scenarios where it is applied.

It should be noted that the cases have, in general, been designed to demonstrate a specific behaviour, as described in the objectives for each case, and the reader should bear this in mind when selecting a case for use.

The NAFEMS Analysis and Management working group produce excellent, neutral documents to guide developers and practitioners of industrial engineering analysis software in verification, validation and all aspects of simulation governance. The reader is encouraged to refer to such material to support the safe and effective use of any engineering analysis tool.


  1. Introduction 

  2. Oscillating Cylinder Benchmark 

  3. Stokes Boundary Layer Benchmark

  4. Boundary Layer Development Benchmark 

  5. Channel Flow With Viscous Heating 

  6. Laminar, Isothermal Backward Facing Step Benchmark

  7. Poiseuile Flow Near The Wall Benchmark 

  8. Backward Facing Step Benchmark 

  9. Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Benchmark

  10. Wall Boiling Benchmark 

  11. Appendix A

  12. Appendix B 

  13. Appendix C

  14. Appendix D 

  15. Appendix E

  16. Appendix F

  17. Appendix G 

  18. Appendix H 

  19. Appendix I 

  20. Appendix J 

  21. Appendix K 

  22. Appendix L

  23. Appendix M

  24. Appendix N 

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A. Horvat

October 2017

Softback, 108 Pages