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Report on the Vendor Challenge

Report on the Vendor Challenge

Due to the evolving nature of the engineering analysis and simulation market this publication no longer represents current best practice and has been archived. The document may be of historical interest and is therefore still available for purchase

The NAFEMS CAD/FE Integration Working Group is concerned to advance the general vision CAD (Computer Aided Design) Geometry from any source may be used to create an Engineering Analysis Model of any type. Except in the most trivial cases, even data exchange between similar computer systems presents a challenge, i.e. to define clearly what data types, formats and relationships exists and to determine the rules for successful transfer. When different processes are required to cooperate, for example between CAD and FE (Finite Element), this challenge becomes significantly greater.

Hardware, software and communication technology is undergoing significant and prolonged enhancement and the responses given in this report are necessarily tied to specific versions of software and operating systems. However, the direction of development is towards increasing interoperability. Certainly from the engineer’s perspective, incompatibilities between systems and sets of information are becoming increasingly unacceptable and it is clear that these capabilities will be enhanced progressively as the need to interact increases.




  • Geometry
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Application Protocols


  • Content
  • Reference Solution
  • Vendors Invited
  • Vendor Responses
  • Response Summary


  • Support for STEP
  • Geometry Manipulation Tools
  • Generic Engineering Analysis



  • A.1 Details of the STEP file contents


  • B.1 Response from MSC
  • B.2 Response from PTC
  • B.3 Response from SDRC
  • B.4 Response from Systus International          

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First Published - January 1999

Softback - 54 Pages