The GEM Modelling Methodology

The GEM Modelling Methodology

The GEM Modelling Methodology

Due to the evolving nature of the engineering analysis and simulation market this publication no longer represents current best practice and has been archived. The document may be of historical interest and is therefore still available for purchase

This Generic Engineering analysis Model (GEM),  deliverable D1201 describes the Modelling Methodology adopted by and applied in the ESPIRIT Project No. 8894 – GEM. GEM is the acronym for Generic Engineering-analysis Model.

The methodology can be applied to integrate software applications in the context of Engineering-analysis in an open, ISO-STEP-compliant way. These applications cover in the first place:-

  • Product Analysis Modellers
  • Mesh Generators
  • Analysis Packages and/or Modules, and
  • Post-processors.

On the boundary we find CAD Systems or the more advanced Product Design Modellers which might also be integrated to provide the relevant input to the Engineering-analysis process.

The result of applying the methodology is referred to as an Open-Engineering-analysis System (OES). This might be changed during the project.


Document control sheet



  • Abbreviations
  • Definitions


  • Goal of this deliverable
  • Further use within GEM
  • GEM Modelling Methodology: What’s In?

GEM Way of Thinking

  • Introduction
  • Harmonisation Level
  • Enterprise Level
  • Application Communication Direction
  • Inter-operability Aspect
  • GEM Context Summarised
  • Data exchange requirements

GEM Way of Working

  • Introduction
  • Planning phase
  • Data analysis phase
  • Data specification phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Dissemination phase

GEM Way of Modelling

  • Physical Objects Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Domain Layer
  • Dictionary Layer
  • Fundamental Layer
  • Resulting GEM Scope Framework

GEM Way of Supporting

GEM Road Map


List of Figures


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First Published - February 1995

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