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The GEM Modelling Methodology

This Generic Engineering analysis Model (GEM),  deliverable D1201 describes the Modelling Methodology adopted by and applied in the ESPIRIT Project No. 8894 – GEM. GEM is the acronym for Generic Engineering-analysis Model.

The methodology can be applied to integrate software applications in the context of Engineering-analysis in an open, ISO-STEP-compliant way. These applications cover in the first place:-

  • Product Analysis Modellers
  • Mesh Generators
  • Analysis Packages and/or Modules, and
  • Post-processors.

On the boundary we find CAD Systems or the more advanced Product Design Modellers which might also be integrated to provide the relevant input to the Engineering-analysis process.

The result of applying the methodology is referred to as an Open-Engineering-analysis System (OES). This might be changed during the project.


Document control sheet



  • Abbreviations
  • Definitions


  • Goal of this deliverable
  • Further use within GEM
  • GEM Modelling Methodology: What’s In?

GEM Way of Thinking

  • Introduction
  • Harmonisation Level
  • Enterprise Level
  • Application Communication Direction
  • Inter-operability Aspect
  • GEM Context Summarised
  • Data exchange requirements

GEM Way of Working

  • Introduction
  • Planning phase
  • Data analysis phase
  • Data specification phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Dissemination phase

GEM Way of Modelling

  • Physical Objects Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Domain Layer
  • Dictionary Layer
  • Fundamental Layer
  • Resulting GEM Scope Framework

GEM Way of Supporting

GEM Road Map


List of Figures


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H.M. Bohms

First Published - February 1995

Softback - 112 Pages