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Glossary and Guide to Benchmarks

This chapter lists all those benchmarks that have appeared in NAFEMS publications. The main headings correspond to those used in Chapter 2. Within each main heading, individual technical sub-headings are provided, each with a list of benchmark titles. At the end of each section the report numbers containing these benchmarks are provided. In some cases, more than one report has been published describing a given set of benchmarks, so these are all included since they give complementary information, some emphasising educational aspects more than others. Some of these reports do not describe all the benchmarks in a given list, and these have been identified by “subset of above ” in following brackets.

Each benchmark title is as used in the benchmark report or reports, and is usually concise enough to give an idea of the purpose of the test. Some reports use an identifier for each test. Where these are considered to be well established, this identifier is given in brackets after the title of each benchmark.