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Software Usage

Computer Aided Design - the general use of computer software applied to the various aspects of engineering design.

Texts HT09 , HT13, HT31 , HT38 , R0098 .

STEP standard - STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data) is an international standard aiming to support the exchange of data between all important software modules.

Texts HT09 , HT12 .

finite element general usage - a series of elementary texts explaining the fundamentals of using finite elements.

Texts GDS, HT0 , HT01 , HT02 , HT03 , HT05 , HT06 , HT31 , R0098 .

pre- and post-processing - a series of texts covering various aspects of finite element data preparation and results interpretation.

Texts GDS, HT04 , HT07 , H0T8 ,
Benchmark R0001 .

finite element method - a numerical technique for solving the field behaviour of solids and fluids by representing the volume by a suitable mesh of relatively small parts, generally called elements, although sometimes called cells in CFD.

Texts FEP , HT28 .

boundary element method - a technique similar to the finite element method, except that only the boundary or surface needs to be modelled by elements.

Text HT29 .