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Design for Multifunctionality: we know a lot and we know very little


Presentation by Dr. Carmen Torres-Sanchez, Multifunctional Materials Manufacturing Lab, Loughborough University

Carmen Torres-Sanchez PhD CEng FHEA MIMechE leads the Multifunctional Materials Manufacturing Lab at Loughborough University, England (UK). Her work sits at the interface of mechanical, chemical, bio-engineering, materials science and embedded intelligence. Her multidisciplinary lab works in the design, manufacture and validation (both in- and ex-silico) of structures and materials with coupled functionalities (e.g., structural and biological; acoustic and lightweight). Close collaboration with industry has seen her innovations applied in sectors such as Automotive, Food Technology and Medical devices.


Document Details

AuthorTorres-Sanchez. C
Date 27th May 2023
OrganisationLoughborough University


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