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The Future of CFD - The Academic Opinion


As well as teaching the next generation of engineers and analysts, the academic community can also help shape the very industry and technology they are preparing students to enter. It seemed wise, therefore, to ask questions and listen to the voices of experience when looking at what the future holds for CFD. Whilst industry is often, necessarily, driven by profit and the bottom line, the academic community can give some perspective on what is likely to happen in the future, without having to stick to a company line or answer to shareholders. We spoke to some of the heavyweights of the academic CFD community and got their thoughts on where CFD is heading in the future.

Document Details

AuthorsPericleous. K Markatos. N Sherwin. S Janoske. U
TypeMagazine Article
Date 31st October 2022
OrganisationUniversity of Greenwich


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