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Virtual Product Development with an SDM System Demonstrated by Playing with LEGO® Car Models as Examples

Virtual Product Development with an SDM-System Demonstrated by Playing with LEGO® Models

Marko Thiele, Martin Liebscher & Gordon Geißler | SCALE Gmbh

Given that in our professional lives we are dealing with highly sophisticated crash models on a daily basis, it seems obvious that we instantly thought we should be able to simulate a crash of a LEGO® Technic Porsche Model using an explicit crash solver after seeing a video of a physical crash of this model on YouTube [1]. However, it turns out that setting up a simulation project for such a model with its thousands of parts is quite challenging and needs to be done in a very structured way. Therefore, we decided to use this crash simulation as a benchmark for our simulation data management (SDM) solution.

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AuthorsThiele. M Liebscher. M Geißler. G
TypeMagazine Article
Date 31st July 2023


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