Leveraging the Cloud for Earthquake Engineering

Arup’s use of LS-DYNA for seismic design involves the evaluation of critical structures such as hospitals, airports, high rise buildings and bridges for vulnerabilities under various seismic ground motion excitations. Here we discuss Arup’s cloud computing journey as it relates to structural seismic design using a multi-cloud infrastructure. This article will describe the computational requirements typical of our projects, the cloud infrastructure we are leveraging for long term storage, rapid results analysis and aggregation and some of the web tools to abstract the cloud infrastructure away from daily engineering tasks.

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AuthorsZekioglu. A Rees. S Chok. K Tomek. P Gogus. A Rokhgar. N,Nielsen. G,Dong. B,Sarebanha. A Sturt. R Huang. Y
AudiencesAnalyst Developer
TypeMagazine Article
Date 17th May 2019


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